Amazing PlayStation 4 Bundles In Stock For Christmas

PlayStation 4 is in stock and ready to deliver in time for Christmas at, but the retailer is not selling the console as standalone, it has rather organized some very interesting PlayStation 4 bundles. Those who definitely want PlayStation 4 before Christmas would have to raise their budget. is selling the console at much more cost than its original price, bundles start from $714.94 and range all the way up to $1,604.93.

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SwordandShield1705d ago

Forcing people to buy extra stuff that they might not want is hardly "amazing".

Frisky1704d ago

It is as you say, that is what amazed me, all these expensive bundles with additional (And quite useless) products. People are being forced to buy what they don't want to.

jerethdagryphon1704d ago

true but bundling just games isnt too bad i puicked up a 4 game ps4 bundle from argos for 530 180 over normal price but 180/48=3.5 so im getting the games for 35£ the fifa and dc ones ill trade in to reclaim some loss and keep killzone and knack i think

1705d ago
Bathyj1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Thats disgusting. Sony shouldnt allow them to sell bundles unless theyre selling a decent amount of standalone consoles as well. Theyre not selling any.

One of the bundles comes with a Xbone and a crappy brand TV. WTF?

Theyre just holding people who are desperate to get a PS4 over a barrel cos they can.

Frisky1704d ago

Making most profit from latest consoles sales.

danny8181704d ago

Gamestop did this. They were charging $1000 for games novody wanted

GodofPlaystation1704d ago

I want to see some new paint jobs. Then Ill get a bundle.

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