The Walking Dead Season Two Release Dates Confirmed (Xbox360,PS3,PC,iOS)

Telltale has confirmed the release dates of The Walking Dead Season Two on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and the App Store.

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daboosa1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Love this programme!

BattleTorn1822d ago

I sure hope the dates are confirmed - cause theyre supposed to be TODAY

BattleTorn1822d ago

N4G Poll:

I play Telltale's Walking Dead game on ______.

Consoles/PC = agree

Tablet/iOS = disagree

TheNocturnus1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So what about PS4/XB1? Why are we getting the shaft here?
Hey new generation of consoles! Lets release games for the old, outdated crap. Meh.

TheEnigma3131822d ago

I'm sure you have a pc, 360, or ps3. Just buy it on one of those and stop complaining. I'm sure it will be on the next gen consoles soon.

TheNocturnus1822d ago

I do have an ok PC, I don't have my 360 or PS3 anymore. It just irritates me that devs cry about the limitations of consoles and when a new gen hits they still put games out for the old systems. Why? If people are not willing to upgrade then screw em.

Dmagic1821d ago

or if your normal like me you traded in your consoles to get money for ps4 and its no longer a option yes i do have pc but then my story would have to start from scratch thats no fun because i know the story and would make all the "right" decisions anyways they need a ps4 port asap i dont see whats so hard about syncing a profile data.

TedCruzsTaint1822d ago

I just had this argument about the Stick of Truth. This is not the sort of game that would benefit from the tech of the new consoles, so the developers probably just released it on the most popular platforms.
Hell, this is the sort of game that would run on any stock store PC with a reasonable processor and on-board graphics.

That said, unlike the Stick of Truth, this thing is pretty much destined to sell and wouldn't be a risk to port over to next-gen consoles.

TheNocturnus1822d ago

I'm certain it will release eventually to the current systems but why not on the same day as last gen systems?

Errefus1822d ago

@thenocturnus I hope you are kidding. the install base is way to big on ps3 and 360 for developers to skip... They will eventually be on next gen consoles

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