Madden NFL 25 Review: Time To Feel It |

Madden NFL is back, and in its 25th game of the series, the game is jam packed full of some cool new features guaranteed to have fans of the popular football genre celebrating its silver anniversary.

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ArronNelson1675d ago

I actually enjoyed this game, controls and AI was frustrating at times.

Aidenlee221675d ago

I like how you can now share your victories, through screenshots and uploads on the PS4 version.

Frankskint1675d ago

I have never understood why Americans call a game you play with your hand Football, and the game you play with your feet Soccer.

Shouldn't it be the other way round?

sdozzo1675d ago

Soccer... what does that have to do with hands? Your football case makes sense. But, we do kick a football as well.

theXtReMe11675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

This review was so bare-bones I wonder if the reviewer actually played the game for more than 10 minutes. He failed to mention how the player AI can recognize obstacles and figure out a way to get around them if the player doesn't interact with the right stick(the hitstick). How the offensive line will create a pocket for the quarterback to function in and how the crowd interacts with each and every play. They are just a few of the changes in the PS4 version, which has many.

The score is about right. I just wish the reviewer would've gone more in depth on the changes from last gen to this. The game is actually a very good step in the right direction for a perfect Madden game. With some AI tweaks and some more visual enhancements, this game will be awesome.