EA Representative Argues That Battlefield 4 Isn’t “Broken”

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "When does 'the customer is always right' begin and end? And is it ever appropriate for a customer service rep. to argue semantics with a customer?"

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CyrusLemont1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yes because a game that deletes your campaign, boots you out of MP games, crashes randomly in matches, is filled with numerous bugs and glitches is totally just stability issues. What is with large companies having their heads so far up their arse they refuse to accept anything negative, hateful and most of all TRUE towards their product. Lucky it wasn't face to face, I'd hate to talk to someone who outright denies the game I purchased is broken especially when you've invested hours into a campaign only for the game to have deleted your save. I'd get so hot headed I'd probably punch the guy and go to jail lol. I mean isn't their fair trade government divisions that prevent companies like EA from doing this to people. Screw EA.

See you next Tuesday silly.

GarrusVakarian1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Ugh, i just hate companies that can't accept that their product is broken. They are always so deluded and blinded by their own love of their product.

After todays patch my campaign progress has been deleted, ive been kicked back to UI once, revive options stay on screen after accepting revive. Apart from that im loving it, but to flat out deny the game is broken is the typical egotistical deluded crap i would expect from EA.


Yeah PS4, i got around 3/4 though i think then i turned it on earlier today and saw i had no "continue" option :/

It's a good job i love rush mode so much, otherwise this game would have been traded in already.

Aleithian1794d ago

Are you serious? Are you playing that on PS4? If I lose my progress...

DragonPs41794d ago

I noticed I lost my save right after playing BF4 multiplayer.

zeee1793d ago

Dear EA, thanks for giving us yet another reason to dislike you even more and perhaps show you our true feelings with our wallets one day.

creatchee1794d ago

In other news, the Liberty Bell isn't cracked, that tower in Pisa is straight as an arrow, and the Venus de Milo's arms are looking quite lovely.

malokevi1794d ago

Semantics. The game is damaged, not broken. Buggy, not unplayable.

Then again, I haven't touched the campaign. I imagine losing your save data over and over would have to be considered "broken".

DaCandyman1794d ago

A revelation... What if the save campaign is not because of Dice? What if it is because of the PlayStation plus cloud save is the reason your saves are deleting. Or the reversed issue. For PS4 saves our plus accounts should be maintaining our save. Thus far mine are still there I think. I will verify shortly but last I look it was. Who is saving to the console and not to the plus cloud storage???

GarrusVakarian1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

"For PS4 saves our plus accounts should be maintaining our save. "

Ive just checked, my save is indeed in the cloud but i still don't have my campaign progress, i even downloaded the cloud data onto my HDD and the campaign data still wasn't there.....EA has managed to delete my campaign cloud data....smh. And before you say "maybe it is PS plus fault"....every other game is fine. Im guessing what happened is my campaign data got deleted then the PS4 uploaded my data automatically to the cloud campaign-less.

C-H-E-F1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Dear Ea,
When you are playing a game and it "CRASHES" that means the game is broken [PS4-version dk about the other versions I only played on PS4].

resi51794d ago

I guess gta TLOU mass effect arkham city infamous and countless probably 100% of oher games are broken aswell since im sure all of em have crashed at some pojnt

GutZ311794d ago

Sure, games have crashed, since the dawn of game consoles, there have been crashes.what usually doesn't happen is that your save data is corrupted every time you play that one game. Or you crash every time you reach that one point in the game. Or it crash when the same level is loaded, again, and again, and again.

This is not NES era crashes, this is Internet connectivity being used to cover up a much more buggy, and rushed game than others have done in many years.

It might not be so bad if it wasn't EA doing this on Almost every release they have had for the past decade.

C-H-E-F1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I never played TLOU/Batman and the game kicks me out "RETAIL VERSION" with a crash error. TLOU was probably the most complete game i've played since ps2 era games (no patch generation). Also, while creating a game, when it crashes yes it is deemed broken until you fix the crash so yes... in a sense the pre-alpha, alpha, pre-beta, beta versions of the games were Broken.

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Gamesgbkiller1794d ago

Stocks are low .. Dice stopped working on DLCs.. all that just coincidence ?

AllroundGamer1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

EA must be new to the game industry, when they consider BF4 as a perfect playable game...

RegorL1794d ago

My car is perfectly drivable IFF I drive it at least one time each week. If not the battery drains out and it can not be started. The car in question has been on numerous repairs but the reason can not be found.

Is my car broken?
Is my car perfectly drivable?

Well, it is irritating but I wouldn't argue it is broken.
At the same time it is not perfect.

Perfect is not the opposite of broken - there are lots of steps in between. If I were to use it to dayly commute I would never have notice and still think it was perfect...

GutZ311793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Your analogy is broken.
Car analogies are the worst way to try and justify issues with games.
Games are media, Cars are objects.
Lets try and use another analogy; Movies.

Lets say you're watching a movie that you haven't seen yet, and you just got to a really good part.
Well, the movie stops playing, and for DRM purposes, it wont allow you to fast forward.
You watch the movie again, only this time you let it play while you go use the bathroom and get snacks. You come back at the just the right time, and guess what, the movie stops again.

Hmm, lets try and jump chapters now. So you jump a few chapters and its to far ahead of where you left off, but again, the movie stops playing, and wants you to start from the beginning.

You bought this movie from the store, you own this movie, but you can't play it as it was intended to be seen/played.
Is this acceptable?

RegorL1793d ago

GutZ31 but interactive games are not like movies or books either!

Linear media

Book - reading it from the beginning, chapter missing!
Return it!

Movies (DVD/Blu-ray) that stops at the same place. Take it out, clean it, put it in - if it stops again.
Ask your self is it the media or the player.
Try with other media - works! It has to be the media, return it as broken physical media. Seller tries it with another player - works there! (Yes, been there done that - turned out to be my PS3 Bluray laser beginning to break. Did for some reason first hurt Harry Potter)

Games - if I select this weapon first blow this building up then climb the ladder on the other side of the street it crashes but only when playing on PS4 not on PS3.

With the PS4 and XBoxOne you have the additional complexity of unproven hardware, engine and operating system.

On PC add mix of operating system and drivers.

The more complex your system is, the more possible combinations you will have, the less likely you will be to be able to test everything in advance.

A car is more complex than a DVD player. Most likely games passed cars in complexity some time ago.

For _me_ on PS3 BF4 feels of better quality than BF3. But that depends on what games mode, classes, weapons, fire mode, ... and what actions I choose to do. Another combination might crash every time. If so do report it with detail (at least what platform...)

T21792d ago

your car is indeed broken. sounds very annoying. at least you can jump start it though not sure what the game equivalent of that is lol....
p.s. - if you don't drive it for a while just disconnect the battery terminals its very easy.

famoussasjohn1794d ago

Huh? How many patches have come out since the game released to fix this game? If you remove all those patches, the game is absolutely useless and wouldn't be a functioning product at all. When I first got it on PC, I wanted to smash my keyboard with all the crashes I was getting, I'm pretty much at the point I don't really want to attempt to play it on PC due to it crashing all the damn time.

Parasyte1794d ago

I have a friend that is the same way. He has uninstalled BF4 and gone back to BF3.

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