Dubai Gamers Welcome PS4 With Graffiti On Tallest Twisted Tower

To celebrate the launch of PS4, PlayStation Middle East got their fans and gamers to declare their loyalty to PS4 live on one of Dubai’s iconic buildings, Cayan Tower, which is the world’s tallest twisted tower, located in Dubai Marina.

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JetP06191700d ago

Amazing and great publicity for Ps4 in dubai

abzdine1700d ago

competition is over for MS since they are skipping way too many key potential markets like middle east, asia and Africa... these markets are mostly PS markets and with no competition PS4 will sell there like hot cakes.

iGAM3R-VIII1700d ago

Just shows how much support the PS4 has, that my friends is the PS4 Passion Effect

mikeslemonade1700d ago

I can see some of these ads as people willing to do these for free because they are fans of PlayStation.

Tooly1700d ago

Dubia is so pretty som many rich ppl thereee.

tarbis1700d ago

Wow! I would love to watch the light show there. :D

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