Will Super Smash Bros. Ever Be Dethroned?

Hardcore Gamer: Super Smash Brothers is that game that transcends fandoms. It firmly goes out of its way to be appealing from the furthest distance and from the cloudiest viewpoint. Some can say that Nintendo recycles Zelda or Mario ad nauseum all they want, but that argument doesn’t hold water with Super Smash Brothers. It’s one of the most prolific series in modern gaming, gathering innumerable fans and being a game that has been statistically proven to sell Nintendo’s systems. But it’s been a long time since the series appeared on the Nintendo 64 and many other games have attempted to use the series’ fundamentals as their own frameworks. Some games have even changed up the party gameplay in fresh, new ways, but every time, it doesn’t prove lucrative. So why is Super Smash Brothers so immune to submission? Even with games that improve upon Super Smash Brothers’ concept, why is Nintendo’s crossover title still the gold standard of multiplayer fighting games?

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Moncole1825d ago

No. Other games try to replicate it but fail.

GrizzliS19871825d ago

sony could have, should have, but dropped the ball by changing the formula so they dont mimic smash. They should plain and simply rip off the entire formula only with sony characters, and have capcom or some trusted fighter developer create the move set :/

R00bot1825d ago

How would a game that completely rips everything from Smash Bros. with worse characters (less recognisable) and stages be better?

3-4-51825d ago

This is how:

* 50 characters

* Ability to create 50 more.

* All unique

* RPG like leveling up abilities during match.
EX: Ability 1-4 each have 3 levels to them.

* Rotates around 360, so imagine playing smash but being able to move anywhere and move the camera 360 as well.

* Height and Structures would be different than just platforms.

* Each character would have certain strengths and weaknesses in levels depending on their abilities.

* Basic attacks would work mostly like Super Smash, jump buttons, recoveries.

* It would be more about getting the finish than knocking out of map, but that would still apply.

* Can create up to 50 maps per game/user/console

* 2v2, 4v4, 8v8 matches depending on map size.
- Also solo and FFA matches as well.

* Earn XP towards buying new Skins/clothing/items/weapon upgrades/armor upgrades for your Fighter.

All this and with a Smash Brothers U + Wind Waker HD + Ni No Kuni mixed type of Art Style.

* All the characters are NEW and not previously from anything else.

* Essentially creating 50 new characters who could branch off into their own games/ IP's.

STK0261825d ago

In many ways, the game you are describing is so far away from the Smash Bros formula that it wouldn't even appeal to the same audience, let alone be a competitor to Smash Bros.

What has made Smash Bros such a success is that it has recognizable characters, simple gameplay that everyone can enjoy, yet enough depth to it so that it is hard to master. On the other hand, what you are describing is more like a hardcore version of Soul Calibur.

I'm not saying your ideas are bad, but I just don't think it's a Smash Bros killer as much as it would be a totally new type of game.

CrossingEden1825d ago

Creating 50 new characters would be valuing quantity over quality.

mamotte1825d ago

What game are you talking about? Smash es an accesible, yet competitive game. That's the real secret behind it.

3-4-51825d ago

Not really. You can't just make Smash 2.0, but you can't really do what Sony did and make it not have any substance.

Smash appealed initially because it WASN'T like all the other fighters out there.

To have that formula succeed again, you would need to shake things up a bit and introduce something that hasn't been done before.

* And creating 50 characters is valuing quality.

- The way the maps would be, every character and their abilites/moves would be different. No-reskins.

I don't expect anybody to like the idea or get it because it's not smash, but it needs to be more than smash to succeed, not just more of the same.

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admiralvic1825d ago

I think Super Smash Bros. CAN be dethroned, but it probably won't happen. Most companies go for the standard "2v2" formula, which leads to money from the tournament scene. Thats certainly what Arc System Works, Capcom and a few other companies do. Thats not to say they don't try games like Super Smash Bros. (like Guilty Gear Isuka), but they rarely do well.

With that being said, I still think Jump Ultimate Stars could have rivaled Super Smash Bros. if they made a console version on par with SSB. J-Stars is looking okay, but JUS was just delightful.

SpiralTear1825d ago

Importing Jump! Ultimate Stars was the best decision I ever made as a DS owner. It's my favorite DS game ever, and not just because I dig anime.

admiralvic1825d ago

Gah, I meant 1v1 ~_~;;. Stupid 15 minute edit limit .I suppose thats what I get for writing the comment right after waking up.

BullyMangler1825d ago

The smash bros games actually require more skill more talent more (concentration) to be able to win against another wise fighter, more so than ANY street fighter game < fact

I did not bring any facts nor proof for this statement, so my fact regarding smash bros being the most hardcore fighter games ever created will be seen as just an opinion (;

BelkingOfSony1825d ago

Street fighter is just simple button mashing, and learning the combos. Smash bros requires proper timing of the attacks, if you button mash in smash bros you would get thrashed.

herbs1825d ago

The Smash games are far more dynamic than other fighting game. Most popular fighting games involve players draining there opponents life bar on a simple flat stage, there is still strategy in the characters move sets but that's basically it. Smash has these elements in addition to using your surroundings to your advantage which adds much more depth.

R00bot1825d ago

And all of the items add more strategic elements.
Like how if someone gets the hammer you suddenly have to run or reach higher ground that they can't jump to.
Or if someone gets a bomb when you're both on a high percentage and you stick to them like glue so they'll have to kill themselves to kill you.
Or if you've got a bomb you can throw it into the air in the hope that they'll forget about it before it lands (yes, in the heat of the battle people get fooled by that).

PsychOff1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Not trying to discredit what you are saying about Smash Bro's. but if you think Smash Bro's. is harder than Street Fighter 4, you obviously never bothered playing much of it. SF4 is probably the most difficult fighting game I have ever played in my life and I am not just saying that or saying that Smash Bro's is any less of a game but SF4 is far from a button masher. I have no idea where you guys pulled that from.

Older Street Fighter games yes, you could get away with button mashing, you can't even complete SF4 on the easiest mode with button mashing. SF4 literally requires you to memorize the combos.

So yea you are right that it is all just learning combos but good luck pulling them all off, the timing in SF4 is so extreme also to say it takes no timing is absolutely absurd.

I had to just give up playing the game, that is how hard it is and I have never gave up on any game. I studied one characters moves for like a year which was Akuma and I still sucked total ass at SF4. It is so hard, it isn't even fun to play.

It was consuming so much of my time and so stressful getting the timing right with combos, I just had to stop myself playing it altogether. Wasn't worth the time or effort for me.

Smash Bro's. does have more depth no doubt than SF4 but by no means is it harder to play. There wouldn't be so many casual players who love Smash Bro's. if that was the case. Any casual player can get into Smash Bro's.

You aren't going to find casual players who play SF4 let alone love it, only professionals who literally live and breathe fighting games are good at it that is how difficult it is. If they are casuals they won't last long at all.

There aren't tons of articles, blogs and threads made about why is SF4 so god damn hard for nothing.

To deny Smash Bro's. is more casual friendly would be total denial. SF4 freaking haunts me it is so difficult..

alphaomega881824d ago

Casual friendly? Yes. But I have to be honest, I think it actually takes more time and practice to get really good at Smash than it does Street Fighter. Now granted, I never played the console version, but the 3ds one(I am pretty sure they are like identical though), and I beat that on the hardest difficulty within about 3 hours of putting it in. Is it harder up front? Definitely. Is it harder to master? I don't really think so. Blocking, jumping, dodging, grabbing, and items add a complete 'nother level of things to master, let alone stage differences. The times I went online in brawl I always got destroyed, and that after playing through the whole game and having played the previous two entries.

Thepcz1825d ago

it draws upon this history in the smash bros games with characters spanning 30 years of nintendo gaming. plus now with other iconic characters from other companies.

its a celebration of gaming

Neonridr1825d ago

*gasp* you didn't say anything bad about Nintendo in this statement... are you feeling ok Thepcz?



Reeze1825d ago

That's what I was thinking.

Shocking! XP

WeAreLegion1825d ago

Super Smash Bros. isn't the king of brawlers though. Power Stone is.

Theyellowflash301825d ago

LOL, when was the last time a new powerstone game came out? Can't be the king if you're not in the game anymore

truechainz1825d ago

While I disagree, I do think power stone is the only series that could have come to rival it, if it had more entries to build upon the first 2.

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