New Xbox One Commercial Aims for the Heart Strings

Microsoft France released a new commercial of the Xbox One, and it’s a quite interesting one. It doesn’t show any gameplay, but it aims instead for the heart strings.

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P0werVR1557d ago

It's French, what did you expect?

minimur121557d ago

I don't know french, could someone please translate the sentence at the very end, all I read was 'golden moustache' lol

curtis921557d ago

thats aiming for the heart strings? its as bad as the old psp commercials where theyd play it 2 seconds and then throw it to someone else. This he's not even playing it.

Abriael1557d ago

Didn't say it was hitting them.

pacosanchez881557d ago

lol i dont speak french, i think its going for funny, not heart strings. as in "an xbox1 is better than a puppy"

Fiestabrian1557d ago

I speak French ... Nothing about this commercial is good.

timlot1557d ago

I would have to know the culture to understand how this relates.

KonsoruMasuta1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

That was one of the weirdest commercials I've watched.
If only I understood what they were saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.