Here’s Another Way The PS4 Has An Early Edge Over Xbox One

Google this week has released its report on the most searched-for words and terms of 2013 and found that the PlayStation 4 beat out the Xbox One on its consumer electronics searches chart. In fact, the PlayStation 4 even made the top 10 overall searches of the year, which was something that the Xbox One failed to accomplish.

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timlot1705d ago

Microsoft market cap 305 Billion. Sony market cap 17 Billion.
Is it better to be rich or popular?

Baka-akaB1705d ago

And ? Does that 305 billions power ,translate into 17x more exclusive games and content ? Nope

Silly gameAr1705d ago

Nah. Just spending billions on 3rd party stuff because they don't have much faith in their 1st party offerings. That Widows money comes in handy when cash needs to be thrown around.

mikeslemonade1705d ago

And a good amount of those searches probably were because the customer was confused on the difference between a Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox.

indysurfn1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Not only does Microsofts Market cap not translate into games or memory, or GPU.

Look at all the xbox ones available in my area bestbuys EVERY SINGLE STORE!

But when I do the same search for ps4 none availble!

Now this is as of today 2013/12/17 9:11pm

NatureOfLogic1705d ago

I would say the latter. Xbone needs popularity to sell well enough, because most people in MS feel like the Xbox brand is not worth the amount of focus and investment put into it. Popularity leads to sales. Something Xbox One needs to stay relevant during rumours of being sold off.

DigitalRaptor1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

It's better to have a more focused and successful product across worldwide territory than it is to put your efforts into not losing #1 position in your home territory.

There's only so much of that 305 billion that investors are willing to sink into the Xbox brand which makes vastly less money than the other areas of Microsoft corp. than they are satisfied with. Remember the 2012 earnings call? A "broad entertainment" focus was the executive level's way of ensuring that Xbox is more successful than simply a gaming console might be, and if that doesn't work for them, then 305 billion is a mighty redundant number for the Xbox brand.

NeloAnjelo1705d ago

Too bad most of that MS money isn't advertising GAMES.
MS can keep the US. Everywhere else will be PS.

christocolus1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Dont know how its related but i know ill pick wealth anyday bro.. from my experience money talks.

Kryptix1705d ago

But in a business perspective, it doesn't work that way. I can see how money can start up a project with powerful features, but it cannot be successful without it's consumers. And because consumers can think and mandate how their money is spent, a console that had billions spent on but with one big flaw a majority of consumers hate, it will not survive thus resulting in cancellation if it eats up more money than it makes..

Money talks, but what's more powerful is how a corporation or company approaches the market. Take the DRM fiasco for example, the Xbox One was dead on arrival till they had to switch their plan up. In reality, the more consumers a project backs up, the more successful it will be. And with that success comes profits, with profits comes better and more support for that project.

Popularity and keeping a healthy face in business will always be key to easing up on what consumers will pick. It means confidence, and consumers need the feeling that they're getting what they want, no matter if millions or billions are spent on it, they'll be satisfied if corporations/companies listen to the feedback.

christocolus1705d ago

@ kryptix

I agree with you.. my comment was not related to the battle btw both consoles...

i was just stating that personally i would love to be wealthy instead of being popular.. i see alot of people getting their way cos they rich.

Would be nice to get my way sometimes too.

pyramidshead1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Xbox needs Microsoft; Microsoft doesn't need Xbox. That's how rich they are and the division has never really made profit.

So all in all, the monies may not matter as much if they decide to spin it off.

For a struggling company(in comparison to MS) Sony has managed to some how best a rich company on pure legacy alone not to mention a focused message and goals.

rainslacker1705d ago

Since I don't have the money either of them have, I'd rather go with the one that just gives me what I want. Couldn't care less who's worth more.

Sharky2311705d ago

Microsoft not Xbox! Xbox loses money or they wouldn't be thinking of liquidating the division.

Nachoman301704d ago

yeah... MS makes its money with Office you know that right? ANd that's how they funded the Xbox division. Any other console maker would have thrown in the towel after the amount of money the original xbox lost. However MS is determined to own the living room. The problem is the living room is no longer the epicentre of our entertainment. Cable service subscrptions are going down thanks to more affordable streaming services. The future is ubiquity and Sony nailded it by acquiring Gaikai. True the PSvita could do better but i think it will really start doing well once game streaming becomes available for it. And nothing is stoping Sony from going multiplatform.

Magicite1704d ago

that means nothing, company cant pump all of its money in just one division.

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Killzoner991705d ago

Score another one for Team Sony. LLP

G20WLY1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I think yours is the first on topic comment!

I say:

Looking for PS4? Search Google and cross your fingers...

Looking for XBone? Search Gamestop and cross their palms with silver...

Therein lies the difference, and the reason that this article exists. :)

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