Sony’s Andrew House comments on third-party exclusives for PS4

Andrew House made a few comments about third-party exclusives for the PS4 next-generation system.

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colonel1791585d ago

I wish Sony had third party exclusives again. They had a lot of them in the PS2 era, and even though it's harder to get developers to agree to an exclusive title, I hope Sony can make them happen this generation. Microsoft has tons of money to waste, but maybe if the PS4 sells much better than the Xbox One, they can get deals happen.

pyramidshead1585d ago

If I'm honest I highly doubt we'll see major third party exclusives on PS4. I think Sony would rather sink money into their first party instead.

Sony has the advantage of having a wealth of studios.

Microsoft has the advantage of having wealth to buy exclusives.

tarbis1585d ago

It will like how the PS3 now is being flooded by exclusives from both west and east.

come_bom1585d ago

Are you that selfish ? Will you enjoy the game more if it's a 3rd party exclusive ? Let other people enjoy the game. I'm against 3rd party exclusives.

JunoDivided1585d ago

But if it is exclusive it is best for the developers to make the best game they can make... That is why I believe it is good Titian Fall (at least the first one) is good to be exclusive because they have a small team working on it so it can be a better game.

colonel1791585d ago

It's not about being selfish. It's about taking advantage of the hardware.

LKHGFDSA1585d ago

I think it makes a difference what platform the game is developed for, you can tell when a PS3 game was made on the 360. I can only imagine exclusives for the PS4 would make greater use of exclusive features and capabilities.

TI_211585d ago

If the devs didn't cripple the input to match all those controllers I'd be completely fine with it. However that just isn't the case, just take a look at the PS4 version of BF4.

They didn't make use of the touchpad at all, even though there are a ton of PC exclusive inputs which would have fitted the touchpad control very nicely.

theDivision1585d ago

The only thing I enjoy about an exclusive is the ability for the studio to maximize the games potential. Besides that I agree I don't really like exclusives.

mp12891584d ago

@JunoDivided. Titanfall is different because its not actually exclusive. They still need a team for the pc and 360 version.

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Catoplepas1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

They still have a considerable amount. Hell, this year alone there's been at least 5 I can think of. 2014 is inundated with them.

I'm not trolling, but that's one of the reasons I stick with Sony. A hefty 3rd party exclusive library is just a given. It requires no stipends, coercion, or prodding on their part.

D-riders1585d ago

noooooo MS doesn't have tons of money to waste on video games, this isn't true.
Possibly the biggest lie since xbox induction. MS does not have tons of money to throw at their game division. No matter how much money they have,the games industry doesn't have open access to that.
They have a budget that is underneath,higher executives, stock holders and a whole mess of other people to go through to get access to money.
Xbox isn't in a position to have constant years like n64 and Gamecube for Nintendo. Two consoles that were shit in sales.
Its not like MS can just keep pouring money into their game division. Hell the company division is facing closure if they don't produce.

why do you think you are seeing statements That's say its good for the industry if xbox and ps4 does good. MS wasn't saying that shit when they had a 13 million lead in the US. They were cocky as sh1t.

DigitalRaptor1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Shenmue. That is all.

There's already buzz around PS4 for that, with much deliberation on Sony's part and passionate fans spurring them on to help get that game made.

And that would be one of the biggest megatons of all.

Volkama1585d ago

Shenmue has a tiny insignificant following. They're just very passionate.

If the IP had any real value Sega would have made a platformer and cart racing spin-off for the iPhone by now.

DigitalRaptor1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

That hardly matters much.

Shadow of the Colossus and Ico have been considered masterpieces of gaming for years now by pretty much the entire industry and those games sold roughly the same amount of copies that Shenmue did. The original Shenmue sold over a million copies on the DC, and so it could be said that the series has over a million fans, which is no "insignificant" number.

The true value of Shenmue's following was never fully realised due to bad corporate decisions especially from idiots like Peter Moore who sold the game out to the Xbox, to get a footway into Microsoft when Sega was tanking.

Shenmue III is still one of the most fan-requested sequels of all time. It has one of the most passionate fanbases of all time, so I wouldn't underestimate how an exclusive sequel would go down on PS4.

If Sega wasn't apprehensive about losing any more money on Shenmue, their best efforts wouldn't have been adding Ryo as a DLC character in All-Stars Racing. Shenmue is valuable, or they wouldn't be keeping it rather than selling it on to many interested parties who would snap it up without a second thought.

ShwankyShpanky1584d ago

Can somebody explain the deal with Shenmue? I'm not familiar with it, but I've seen people hyped about it... YouTubed some gameplay and skipped through it... looks like a QTE-fest.

And apparently you could buy Sonic figurines from gumball machines.

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Gratisfaction1585d ago

Every time I see more of Deep Down, I get more excited! With this being a free-to-play game as well!

I hope we see more in the near future and for other exclusives. Sony's E3 2014 conference will be astounding!

dsswoosh1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Deep Down wont end well.

Either the game will be as boring as it looks


The game will be great and it will be buy to win.

Free to play simply doesnt exist in these kinds of games.

robtion1585d ago

I was excited for it but now I'm getting worried. I am yet to find a free to play game on par with a good retail game.

Back-to-Back1585d ago

With capcom making a f2p you better get the lube out. They are the kings of taking advantage of their customers.

Pinkdolphinyfg1585d ago

I can't wait to see the hypocrisy in these comments.

tarbis1585d ago

I'm there will be more to come just give the developers time to play with features of the console.

Gabenbrah1585d ago

I think we'll see Sony securing a megaton of a game as an exclusive like MS did for Titanfall, only time will tell though.

MidnytRain1585d ago

You mean have it launch on PC and eventually come to all the other platforms?

Convas1585d ago

But if it's a deal like Titanfall, then we can all spam EVERY topic saying we'll get it on PC and that's no fun!

For you guys at least.

G20WLY1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I'll get the best, cheapest version.

ON PC !! ;-D

DigitalRaptor1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

As I said above, I'm expecting something regarding Shenmue.

I know as fans, we often get ahead of ourselves with that, but there's been far too much Shenmue related news recently, with PS4 seeming to get most of the headlines in that regard. Now at GDC 2014, Yu Suzuki is giving a presentation dissecting Shenmue, and Mark Cerny will be there with him. That could be a platform to announce something so many of us have been waiting for.

Let's keep the hope alive, as it's the most realistic chance we've seen, EVER.

This video says it all:

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