Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Trailer, First Details Revealed

Disney Interactive has today revealed Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a free-to-play space combat game for PC. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is being developed by Area 52 Games, in conjunction with Disney Interactive and LucasArts.

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kiz26941587d ago

This actually sounds like it might work. Sounds much like War Thunder/ World of Warplanes in the Star Wars Universe.. Pretty sweet.

CyrusLemont1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Mmm, to be honest, this already feels like a step in the wrong direction for Star Wars games. I think everyone or maybe just me haha expected a next gen completely retail looking Star fighter game akin to Star Citizen. This sort of looks cheap, and it's got micro-transactions painted all over it. It's not like Disney would have risked money had they produced a Star Wars game like Star Citizen, look how much support it's gotten by the PC community! But we'll see, there's a glimmer of hope in my eyes that this MIGHT BE good.

kiz26941587d ago

I understand what your saying, but I think we should take ourselves lucky to game that might be "okay" this is Disney were talking about. F2P is a touchy subject, but from what Ive seen on the range of F2P games on the PS4 it can work sometimes you just have to take them with a grain of salt cos lets face it, they are free. Its better than some IOS star wars kiddy app because that sounds like something Disney would do.

CyrusLemont1587d ago

Yeah fair enough, F2P is pretty awesome on Warframe, so hopefully Disney makes a system similar to that!

And oh boy, those kiddy apps just haven't come yet! haha

CyrusLemont1587d ago

Omg, I just realised this entire time I was thinking of the X-Wing series haha! Maybe Disney is working on a proper sequel to that amazing franchise simultaneously!

3-4-51587d ago

In space would get kind of boring, but if they mixed in some cool planet locations and added tons of aircraft it could work similar to War Thunder.

TekoIie1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Probably as close as we'll get to Rogue Squadron 4 so I'll take it :)

EDIT: Anyone get else unable to sign up for the beta?

JohnnyTower1587d ago

Nothing will ever beat the hallowed Rogue Squadron in my eyes. That game robbed me of my youth. And I would gladly pay again.

deepio1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Why can't we just have a new Tie Fighter/X-wing game!

Psychotica1587d ago

I wish there was a new Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, I used to play that all the time...

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