Sony Japan Studio’s PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets a Cute Mascot

Sony Computer Entertainment revealed today a cute mascot for the upcoming PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars, named Propakun, or more precisely “ultra-high-performance general-purpose teller Propakun.”

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ssj4wolf1491d ago

I hope this gets localized!

nameen1491d ago

Ofc this will get localized. Its Sony Japan Studio afterall.

MegaRay1491d ago

Says the guy with sackboy's pic

pacosanchez881491d ago

lol sackboy is cute. monkeys with eyes that eat ur soul? not cute. :P not to me at least.

sypher1491d ago

"Work brings freedom"

I can see this game will be riddled with German-esque labour camp quotes :)

Kennytaur1491d ago

Next years most promising Vita game? Quite possibly.

tubers1491d ago

Well, maybe next to Gravity Rush 2 unless that's for 2015.

FW is the VITA's wild card in Japan tho.

Omar911491d ago

This and gravity rush 2 are on my to buy list next year