Persons of the Year: The Class of 2013

In this list, selected by the GamesIndustry International staff, there are gifted designers and mercurial executives sitting right alongside those at the root of controversy and scandal--

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MightyNoX1738d ago

Adam Orth and Don Mattrick are on the list as well. Their mention is less flattering than you might think.

Eonjay1738d ago

"Only through a series of baffling and forensically documented blunders"... to me it just seemed like Mattrick really stopped caring after the E3 conference. You could see it on his face, the way he answered questions. He seemed so detached. I can't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't left.

Mr Pumblechook1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Mark Cerny deserves his place at number 1. He took the time to design architecture that would be easy to develop for and ultimately benefit gamers. He is also one of those rare tech personalities who are engaging when they speak. Congratulations Mark.

MasterCornholio1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I'm glad that Cerny is on the list. He did a lot of great things for the PS4, consumers and developers.

Don Mattrick can just sink in his submarine for his arrogant anti consumer attitude.

Omran1738d ago

I say YOSP he is nice and funny guy xD

stavrami-mk21738d ago

don't get me wrong cerny and shui are great guys ,but since when has there been person of the year ??haahhaaahaha