DayZ stampeded by 88,000 people in 12 hours


It may have arrived a year later than Dean Hall first envisaged but DayZ's pulling power hasn't suffered, with 88,000 players stampeding the £19.99 Steam Early Access release in only 12 hours.

"88,000 survivors have joined DayZ alpha in the first 12 hours," announced Maruk from developer Bohemia on Twitter. "Thank you."

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Jack_Of_All_Blades1828d ago

I plan on buying it this evening , cannot wait

GroundZeroesBob1828d ago

Over 150,000 sold now, thats £3,000,000 in the bank to help carry on development. Glad i invested.

SlyFoxC1828d ago

its great! i just dont like playing while game is at night...

Steelz1828d ago

Picking this up Friday when i get paid