2013: The year's ten biggest turkeys

GamesAsylum looks at the worst games the year has had to offer, all of which they've had the misfortune to play. Pity the person who finds one of these in their Xmas stocking.

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zeal0us1795d ago

I remember forcing myself to watch Angry Joe's Ride to Hell review. That game was utter sh*t and I'm not sure what Deep Silver was thinking by releasing that game.

coolbeans1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It was so funny to see him that pissed off.

"It was Destructoid’s Jim Sterling who summed up Ride to Hell perfectly – 'Rather than unfinished, I’d suggest the game feels barely started'."

Indeed, that's spot on.

joab7771795d ago

This was funny to read. But does anyone actually buy licensed ips anymore? They claim its a cash grab...and I guess it must be but who the hell is buying these games?

Also its funny how Activision rests almost soley on CoD. Everything else is grabage. Releasing games that are rushed, using old assets, recycling old ideas, tid bits of innovation never allowed to actually blossom. Wait...that os CoD. Amazing how its still the best selling game out there! Does Activision close shop when CoD finally fizzles? Nah...they will b riding f2p revenue for at least another couple decades.

NonShinyGoose1795d ago

Don't forget Skylanders, which actually made more money than CoD last year.

Roccetarius1795d ago

Hmm, not as bad as a few other games released this year, but a decent list i guess.