PS4, Xbox One and Wii U are all winning next-gen console war

It’s hard for some gamers to admit this, but the best possible conclusion to the overhyped console war of 2013 would be three systems that all sell exceptionally well

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Kingthrash3601556d ago

lol it is a lil inaccurate.
while ps4/x1 are selling the wiiu isn't so much.
it is selling better but this is the selling season. they said no ssb in the spring so thos who had plans to buy one for that are still holding out. nintendo has failed the wiiu so far, hopefully they turn it around.

AKR1556d ago

They haven't "failed". They've under-preformed.

If they failed - it wouldn't still be in production, now would it?

XBOX 360 wasn't doing so hot either - remember the RROD controversy? PS3 was under fire for being overpriced, and developers were pulling their hair out trying to code it. Wii was being slammed for being too weak. DS was too weird and was destined to be smashed by PSP. PSP had mass piracy. The 3D in the 3DS was considered to be irrelevant, and it had a poor library of games.

But did that stop either of those systems from coming out of the darkness and preforming well?

They all got their doom-&-gloom time - but look where they are now?

Kingthrash3601555d ago

I never said it failed..i said the company is failing the wiiu so far. And they are..if you think not then
1.look at the numbers.
2. Look at the first party games.
3.look at the marketing. None
4. Look at the demand..its minor
5. Look at the wasted year head took years for Ps3 to catch the 360...its going to take months for ps4 to catch wiiu.
It is what it is. Face it. I love nintendo but they are failing the wiiu and to say they are all winning is just fiction.

Neonridr1555d ago

@Kingthrash - seen the latest sales out of Japan? The numbers would indicate you are wrong.

Eonjay1555d ago

I have to agree. People are taking it too personally. Even if they PS4 outsells both consoles 5:1 combined, they will still be like "look everyone is winning". As a sports fan, I have learned to deal with reality. Winning means being on top.

Army_of_Darkness1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Lets face it, wiiU is gonna be a failure just like the gamecube... Nintendo had a year head start and the competition already caught up in terms of sales within a few weeks of release.
Personally, I don't think the wiiU will pick up anytime soon, especially a couple years from now when the ps4/xbone start releasing they're true next Gen heavy hitters.

herbs1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Who knows maybe the Wii U will end up just like the 3DS a year or so of doom and gloom and you know the rest...
Maybe the PS4 will end up like the Vita...
Ha just kidding ;)

Neonridr1555d ago

Army_of_Darkness - you do know that the Wii U is sitting at 4.5-5 million units in terms of sales.

The PS4 and XB1 are maybe half of that right now.

So how exactly have they caught up? Sure they had strong launches and will no doubt sell, but the Wii U has some great games and more on the way, so sales will continue to climb for them too.

BullyMangler1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

lol well sales will NEVER determine somethings glory, the VALUE will . plus the wiiU sold out walmart online and ha wiiU is doing good.

ps4, x1, and wiiU deals with Video Games. so the value in this case would be the comfort, then the gameplay, then the grafix, audio then lastly the sales to determine who reigns supreme.

with x1 and ps4 underwhelming launch exclusives, this leaves the wiiU with the most high quality exclusives packed with more gameplay more skills required to pass, more IMAGINATIVE grafix, more true next gen titles on the wiiU < fact . with only 1 great title on ps4 Resogun <

wiiU =

The Wonderful 101

Nano Assault

Pikmin 3

Splinter Cell (Ultimate more immersive Version) wiiU

Rayman Legends (Ultimate more immersive Version) wiiU

Super Mario 3D World

Deus Ex Human Revolution (Ultimate more immersive Version) wiiU

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD true 1080p

.. .. so who is leading the next gen console war

herbs1555d ago

Actually Trine 2 is out on PS4 and it runs in 1080p 60fps and uses the touchpad in meaningful ways (also supports 3D) a great game that deserves more attention.
To bad the majority of PS4 users seem to only enjoy games where you shoot people in the face over and over again < Sales Fact :(

Neonridr1555d ago

@herbs - Trine 2 was on the Wii U too, and it ran in 1080p/60fps as well. I believe the PS4 is more or less an exact copy of the PC version whereas the Wii U's version had slightly less detailed textures and lighting. Still a fantastic game on either platform and I would highly recommend it.

I downloaded the demo on my PS4 because I wanted to see what the 3D looked like. Beautiful I must say, I am super excited for 3D gaming now that the hardware can back it up.

But having the Wii U version of Trine 2, I cannot justify spending $20 for stereoscopic 3D.

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The author's right; that would be the best solution.
It's a shame that pride and fanboys won't allow that to happen.

bobsmith1555d ago

wii u owns them all free online

Irishguy951555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

You'd think all those wankers saying the Xbox being pay2play is a disgrace would jump ship from Playstation now that it's pay to play too. But no, it was just bullets for their fanboy wank fests.

Edit - To use the Sony fanboy statement
Free > 50 quid a year.

Concertoine1555d ago

to be fair ps plus comes with free games and other perks, and you dont need to pay to access most features or free to play games.
unfortunately it isnt enough to get me paying routinely (already an antisocial gamer, mostly stick to singleplayer stuff), but i might buy a month or two when a good online game comes out.

Kingthrash3601555d ago

To also be fair i don't like the pay for online thing myself. But i had ps+ all ready so it is not to big a deal for me. Also it wouldn't sway me away from ps4 in favor of wiiu. I'd rather play game at a true next gen Power level. If the Wii u put out more games of at least own one but no games, no buy. I like 1st and 3rd party games. Nintendo offers only 1st party.

ChrisGTR11555d ago

have you played the wii online?? ...yea... thats all i have to say.

Concertoine1555d ago

i hope we get another gen where all 3 companies find success. Like last gen. That'd be best for the gamers and industry in general.

JohnnyTower1555d ago

Nope. You just got to make sure to plug in the game pad once in a while.

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