Project Cars Screenshots

First Look at Project Cars | Slightly Mad Studios are excited to announce the newest addition to Project CARS’ ever-expanding list of represented car manufacturers as Renault joins the WMD-powered racing title.

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FANTA11801678d ago

looks great i cant wait to get it in 2016.

dontbhatin1677d ago

I have it right now and its pretty solid!

ragincrinz1678d ago

it doesn't look as good a forza. the only thing it looks like it has over forza is the destruction of ur cars but I think I can live with out it.

classic191678d ago

forza looks like shit just saying to be 1080p it looks washed out. but we like what we like tho. drive club looks alot better bro.


You obviously have not played it, You also must think GT6 looks better than Forza 5 too right? lol

Elit3Nick1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Honestly why would you purposely use a blurry and terrible photo for forza? Here's one that I took myself.


ragincrinz1678d ago

your forza one is s**t you cant compare those two together. elie3nick has a good picture but still not the best out there for forza.

FlameBaitGod1678d ago

Ragin i dk where to beging with the pics you just posted lol

HurtfulTimez1678d ago

to be fair project cars screenshots are from a high powered pc. until we have console footage of both its a bit daft to compare any games with it


Oh lets take a super hi res picture and compare it with a compressed DVR recorded 720p picture lol XD

FANTA11801678d ago

dude ur using a photo that is blurred and was used to make the game look like crap ...

the actual game looks nothing like that second pic you posted.

frostypants1677d ago

OK, yes, Project Cars looks better than Forza...but using a gameplay shot from Forza and comparing to a bullshot of Project Cars is pretty stupid.

ATiElite1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Dude granted I'm playing Project Cars in 4K and it kills ALL! Gameplay and Graphics wise.

but I'm gonna have to say SHAME on YOU!

you use a pristine screen shot of Project Cars

but then use a Streaming picture at a LOw bitrate of Forza 5.

Shame on You Shame on YOU!

classic191677d ago

lol in they think forza looks better then drive club are project racing. you proved my point bro. that game looks way better then forza picture.

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ABizzel11678d ago


LMFAO. You should be a comedian.


It looks damn good! Ignore the washed out textures on the side wall in this screen shot and the horribad pop in on the video last week. They will fix that by launch, I expect this game to look a little better than Forza 5 when it releases.

starfox0791677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Look WiiU version of Project CARS is confirmed to have 99% of the high end pc graphics....and it destroys forza5 read a few paragraphs down...

Oh and it's confirmed to run at minimum 720p native and 30fps locked but this is using 1 cpu core....

Elit3Nick1677d ago

That article was posted by William Usher, he's the most anti Xbox fanboy on that site so don't believe anything he says.

Magicite1678d ago

forza looks worse than any NFS on PC from 2010 and onwards.

Kingnichendrix1677d ago

Haha are you out of your mind this beats forza and then some

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mandf1678d ago

Is this game vaporware? I'm getting the feeling money is being syphoned off this project. Something just feels wrong about how this game is being managed.

Destrania1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Agreed. I don't know why people have faith in this game when Shift&Shift2 sucked. Guess we'll find out as development continues for this game.

Angeljuice1678d ago

Announcing Renault as a contributing manufacturer is about as exciting as announcing a cheese sandwich as a new dish on the menu of a Michelin starred restaurant.

Kyur4ThePain1677d ago

Unaware of Renault's racing pedigree?

Angeljuice1677d ago

Not at all, but we're not seeing their more interesting cars here, no F1 just the filth ugly 'hot-hatches' they insist on releasing and a single old LeMans car.

solidboss071678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Oh look. More screenshots. When will we see it running on a console?

(Project Cars Forever?)

Back to GT6 and the fantastic Redbull Cart racing.

ATiElite1677d ago

After the PC version goes Gold!

The PC community funded much of Project Cars along with outside investors and it was a PC game to begin with so the consoles will get it second.

Sometime around Autumn 2014 Consoles will get a release.

but get a PC and enjoy build 627 TODAY!

TXIDarkAvenger1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

But how would one get this if you can't register anymore?

EDIT* Welp, apparently that's the only way...