What We Know, And Don't Know, About Fallout 4

"After the burn of a look at why the leaked casting documents could well be real."

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boeso1705d ago

We know nothing. There.

psman0121705d ago

Yep. I was just gonna say that. Until Bethesda confirms it, nothing is to be taken as true.

CanadianTurtle1705d ago

I don't know why, but Fallout3 is one of those games where I can play over and over again, while still pouring hundreds of hours into each playthrough.

Even when Fallout 4, 5, 6 comes out in the future, I still feel like I'll come back to Fallout 3 because that's where it all began for me. (Sorry hardcore fans, I didn't play 1 and 2)

Tsuru1704d ago

Fallout 1, 2, and tactics were on for a little while for free. Keep watch on news from that. Cause you are missing out on alot of awesomeness by not playing 1 and 2.