PS4's Gaikai on track for 2014, service is possible on PS Vita, says House

Gaikai has yet to launch on the PlayStation 4, but consumers were given a broad update on how development is coming along and what other platforms it could eventually come to.

Recently, Andrew House, who is Sony Computer Entertainment’s president and chief executive, talked about how Gaikai is still looking to launch sometime next year and that it is possible for it to be implemented onto the Vita and even smart TVs.

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Neonridr1455d ago

I hope so, I wanna catch up with some PS3 gems I never got to play.

RuleNumber51455d ago

First game you'll buy when Gaikai launches, ready go...

360ICE1455d ago

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. I know Battle-Cars 2 will be out by then, but some games can't be bought too often.

jriquelme_paraguay1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Fallout 3
I hope can play Gaikai games inserting my PS3 disc on my PS4 to activate it free.

RuleNumber51455d ago

I know it's an obvious choice an unexciting but I'm going with The Last of Us. Want that again.

Neonridr1455d ago

Mine will be TLOU definitely. Then perhaps the Uncharted series.

BelkingOfSony1455d ago

uncharted 2, especially if gaikai is available on psvita, i want to experience the epicness of the train level on the train to university.

abzdine1455d ago

i wish there could be 100% remote play Vita PS3 with Gaikai.

morganfell1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )


You are halfway there since the PS4 recognizes PS3 discs. But it is also why I purchased all digital for PS3 the last couple of years.

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PSjesus1455d ago

playing Ni No kuni on Vita that's well be awesome and well increase the sale and life span for the system,hope Gaikai subscription isn't expensive

ginsunuva1455d ago

It'll probably be a pay-per-game. Not subscription.

blackblades1455d ago

Well you can easily do that now, what's stopping you.

Neonridr1455d ago

I don't own a PS3. I bought a PS4, but I am not buying a PS3 now to play like 3 or 4 games.

CyrusLemont1455d ago

This might sound absolutely stupid, but is it possible for Sony to release a small device (PS3 Mini if you will) in the future that has the CORE hardware from the PS3 that makes the games run and a single cable (Or two for the PSU) to connect to the PS4 via USB 3.0 to provide backwards compatibility for like $99 cause it's barebones. So you can just access and play PS3 games via the PS4 console using its bluray drive while you have the PS3 Mini tucked somewhere next to it. Would that be impossible to do via USB 3? I think I read somewhere, someone managed to offload the GPU processing via thunderbolt on a Macbook to a GTX card. Would USB 3 have bandwidth or latency issues?

I know people will say just get a PS3, but I'd prefer just a small peripheral and one device to do everything. Plus Australia has the worst internet speeds, and I don't know what the frick is happening with the NBN so Gaikai will probably never be an option.

It'd be nice if Microsoft did it with Xbox One as well but they're all about the moolah cuz.

Fishermenofwar1455d ago

Pitch this idea to them...LOL

I'm being serious!!!

CyrusLemont1455d ago

Haha well they probably already thought of this but something (I don't know what) must have turned them away from doing it. Would they not profit from it?

KakashiHotake1455d ago

You know that's actually a damn good idea. I remember back when Xbox one was still rumored Xbox720, there was a rumor saying the 720 would be backwards compatible by having a built-in 360 drive. This link is one of the only articles i could still find where it's mentioned.

CyrusLemont1455d ago

Ah yes, I knew I had read this idea somewhere originally, was sitting subconsciously at the back of my head, thanks! Such a shame it didn't turn out to be true for Microsoft. I wonder, if they didn't make Kinect Mandatory (despite it apparently being the best feature) and kept the $499 price with backwards compatibility support instead, it would have turned out different for them. Perhaps drawing with Sony rather than being slightly behind.

Duke191455d ago

Definitely a cool idea. The main downside I see, is that this would be in direct competition with what they are trying to achieve with Gaikai.

The amount of money and press they have put into the idea of "streaming the PS library to your devices", it would be hard to see them market a device that instead pushes users to keep/buy old disks.

Would be great for the consumer though. In the meantime, hopefully the ISP's in Australia get their act together for ya

ABizzel11455d ago


It could be possible to make a PS3 Mini, and the $99 price point would be it's selling point, but I don't see it as a priority when as you said you can just buy a PS3, now or wait for Gaikai.

A $99 price point is probably their final goal with the PS3, but I'm sure the main goal is setting PS4 up for an amazing year, getting Gaikai up and running, and getting PS Vita sales up.

Nail131455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Vita TV is about 9900 yen in japan (around $99). If Gaikai service is possible on PS Vita (what this article is about...) The Vita could then run PS3 games.

Vita TV would be the "ps3mini"...

AusRogo1455d ago

Agreed mate because our internet does suck.

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sprinterboy1455d ago

Sounds like a good idea, but I guess the ps3 will have another hardware version in 2015 being just what you mentioned without blu ray and maybe that port on the vita no one knows what it's used for Will be for gaikai

CyrusLemont1455d ago

Interesting, I do hope so! Or maybe a PS4 ultra with built in backwards compatibility. The PS Vita port is an accessory port for unknown future peripherals we are yet to see! Though I think if they did Gaikai, you'd only need to connect to wifi or use the 3G on the Vita (If that's fast enough). Video output is most likely the biggest feature the port will introduce I'm guessing. Though I'd like to be amazed by something totally different and wild!

qu1ckset1455d ago

That misery port is removed on the new slim models, so I don't think we will ever know what that port was for...

GirlOnFire1455d ago

I wonder how this service is going to work with payments I mean. Is it like Sega Channel? I hope for some good games like Grandia 3 for PS One. ^~^

nevin11455d ago

Call me crazy, but to me, the best solution is still keeping your PS3.

Why are people excited to possibly rebuy games they already own?

Minato-Namikaze1455d ago

Maybe they wanna buy games they don't own? Regardless I hope they roll out the any game can have trophies with this.

sprinterboy1455d ago

Didn't know the mystery port had been removed on the New version of the vita, interesting. Wonder what that was for then ?

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