By the Numbers: The Eighth Gen's Current Standings

It’s been a month. Yes, one month, and we, the media, are already crowing about sales: which console outsold which, what the numbers mean, how much improvement is in store, and, of course, what’s next. In this piece, we at Pixelvolt take a look at the most up-to-date numbers and the near future. For the record, we enter this list with the knowledge that both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita have sold more units in their lifetime than any console on this list.

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DejectedJeff1558d ago

Ouya will come back and dominate, mark my words!

Reeze1558d ago

It's just the sales hype of the brand new consoles; in a few months, Ouya will completely destroy all of its competition! /s

DejectedJeff1558d ago

Yeah after the Madcatz MOJO hype dies down Ouya's pretty much back at the top. Only reason Ouya is selling bad is stock shortages.

cyguration1558d ago

It just needs that killer app, believe it.

OUYA 2014!

Movieworld1557d ago

The what? HA HA HA HA HA! Kid I don't even know what the Ouya is! It will fail and fail miserably

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wonderfulmonkeyman1558d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that the guys behind Ouya should get the Kool-Aid Man as their official co-mascot?

From "Oh Yeah!" To "OOOOUYAH!"XD

starfox0791557d ago

I think the wiiu will take off next year i think at years end wiiu will have sold 5 million plus and in jan/feb/march i think wiiu will sell 2 million consoles worldwide which i think will be a little more than what i think ps4 will sell,lets see if i'm right bring on 2014 and my guess is WiiU will keep ahead of the competition the whole of 2014 as long as Bayonetta2/Mariokart8/Project CARS/Donkeykong/X ect all make an apperance and Nintendo manage to get some 3rd party games like Metal gear solid and Destiny that would help but going off what games we know of I'm sure WiiU will take off next year....