GodisaGeek GOTY: Best Multiplayer Experience

GodisaGeek: "In an interesting turn of events, 2013 doesn’t appear to have been a year dominated by straight-ahead shooters. As you’ll see from our list below, maybe we all grew a little tired of shooting people in the head, or maybe there was just a better variety of multiplayer games in general."

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mandf1588d ago

Low standards for this site. Gta5 mp is a broken mess.

guitarded771588d ago

Yeah, GTAV Online is interesting, and can be fun with the right people, but it has a few glaring flaws.

One game I'm having fun with is Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. It feels like the FF Universe. A bit too many fetch quests, but that's the nature of the beast. Other than that, been having fun meeting people in game.

_QQ_1588d ago

DOTA2= Best Multiplayer GOTY, and my GOTY

Are_The_MaDNess1588d ago

agrees, a game that never stops amazing the players and pro scenes.
over 100 different heroes with different roles and different spells.
a game where teamwork is required and no one can solo alone and act dumb or it will be the loss of the team.
But it's not a big loss really. It's one in a series of very small losses over a 45 minute timespan that, when added up, will look like one big, spectacular failure.

great to play with friends, alot to learn and alot of great combos with heroes, spells.

and the game just opened up for anyone wanting to play it yesterday, so anyone can just try it out if you want.
Free to Play with all Heroes open from the start, only thing you can pay for is items for different looks on the heroes and such. and you get free drops all the time when you play.

WeAreLegion1588d ago

It may be unofficial, but I'm giving it to Just Cause 2 multi-player mod.

MasterCornholio1588d ago

This is going to sound strange but I enjoy AC4s multiplayer.

GodisaGeek1588d ago

Yeah, it's a very under-rated multiplayer actually. Has been consistently good and interesting since it came about.