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theXtReMe11701d ago

In the eternal words of the poet Daniel Bryan.... Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!

This game is tops on my most wanted list of 2014. It amazes me that this is an open world game and so gorgeous to look at. When this game releases, next gen has truly arrived.

CrashJones1701d ago

Looking forward to this one as well.

"next gen" is here already, but we will begin reaping the rewards of the PS4 & XONE starting in March, and onwards.

That was a fun vid.

I'm currently playing Dead Rising 3 (when I take a break from Dark Souls, which I only started last week, and Dark Souls 2 may be my most anticipated title on any system), and this looks better in every way except the silly factor.

While Dead Rising 3 is Zombie Massacre Therapy. Very relaxing as compared to this, which looks to be intense... an actual Zombie Survival game.

abzdine1701d ago

not sure this is a game for me..
but it looks pretty fast which is good. i'd like to try it though

G20WLY1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Dead Rising is "up there" with Saints Row for silly factor...

Give me a next gen GTA and Dying Light any day over those games. :)

This PS4 footage looks great, let's hope all aspects of the game are of equal quality!

angelsx1701d ago

And don't forgot 1080p 60fps on ps4

Skate-AK1701d ago

Both consoles are "targeting" 1080p/60fps

frostypants1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Indeed...this game looks like a lot of fun. Wasn't that excited for it but the more I see, the more I like. Love the parkour stuff. Very Mirror's Edge like.

ABizzel11701d ago

I really didn't care for Dead Island. I thought they were average games, with some technical problems 7/10 for me, but Dying Light seems to be a pretty nice improvement over those games.

The maneuverability, traps, and the game of cat and mouse really gives this game a visual fun / high that Dead Island just didn't have.

Looking forward to this one, don't let me down.

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MWong1701d ago

Man that damn sun goes down too fast and knowing what goes bump in the night makes this game insane. It looks so beautiful though.

OhMyGandhi1701d ago

I am absolutely loving what I'm seeing.
The parkour elements look extremely well implemented.
Wish the HUD wasn't as obtrusive though, does kill the immersion a bit for me.

MidnytRain1701d ago

It'll probably be really important nailing how all these animations feel, otherwise the game will play hella clunky.

r211701d ago

Looks damn fun and more interesting than DI. There is just so much to the game now, parkour and combat wise :D

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