10 Changes We Want To See In Madden NFL 15

GoodGameBro writes, "Although Madden NFL 25 just released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, we are always looking ahead to the next version. While we’re still deep into our Connected Franchises, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you some of our most wanted requests for next year’s title – what will presumably be Madden NFL 15."

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VENOMACR12271820d ago

I just got Madden for the X1 and I am a bit disappointed with the in game graphics. The cut scenes and the stadiums look nice, but when your actually playing the graphics don't look next gen to me. Compare them to NBA2K14. And some of the nuances are still there. I'm a Panthers fan and their helmets look almost white, the logo on the helmet is way to small, and the strip color on the jersey is the wrong shape of blue and the design of the stripe is off.

I don't know how a company who makes a football game can get so many things wrong on 1 team's uniform. Gameplay isn't bad and graphics aren't everything, but for a next gen title I expected more.

Kevin263851820d ago

I agree, but it is hard to compare to a basketball title. Less players, smaller stadiums and a smaller playing area.

1820d ago
Psychotica1820d ago

I want the simple Season Mode back, I just want to pick and team and play for a championship. I am not interested and drafting, budgets etc. Also, for the love of pete let me turn off ALL between play animations, stop forcing me to watch them in the huddles, getting up from the ground, coaches standing on the sideline etc. It should go from one play to the next one, immediately. The games wouldn't take half as long if they did that.

redwin1820d ago

That's why I haven't buy the last 2. And I won't until they give me the option of just picking a team and take it to the champion ship through a season, but leave the option to follow a character like the last two. Or just make madden 10 compatible with the Xbox One. Lol

Juste_Belmont1820d ago

The biggest change I'd like to see in Madden NFL 15 is the return of NFL 2K as a competitor.