Check Out the Demo Story and Multiplayer Trailers for Dragonball Z: Battle of Z

Namco Bandai released two new trailers today to herald in tomorrow’s release of the Dragonball Z: Battle of Z demo for PSN and Xbox LIVE marketplace.

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Deeke1800d ago

Wish I had thesebDBZ games when I was growing up! The only options I had was the PS1 with a converter chip with h DBGT Final Bout, DBZ Legends and that Super Battle 16 game. Ah memories.

GrizzliS19871800d ago

you would play this over legends? u high?

CyrusLemont1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Might pick this up for Vita if I manage to scrape up some cash. Although, these games have gone so downhill since they hit 360/PS3. I'd love a Single player RPG fighting/adventure game with BT2/3 gameplay, sort of like Final Fantasy with an open world but characters running around that when you run into, a battle starts with BT style. You could also fly everywhere on earth and visit namek, have space battles etc.

EDIT: OR you could have a totally seamless world where battles can just happen and ravage forests/cities/deserts all in one battle! haha.

thehobbyist1799d ago

Well it's a good thing you get a demo to see what's it like tomorrow so you can know if you want to scrape together that money or not!

e-p-ayeaH1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Dl´ed it from JP store its so damm fun!

thehobbyist1799d ago

I just hope that it's balanced properly. Because when you have Super Saiyan formes as separate characters I will definitely worry about balance. Because when you're playing online. If the Super Saiyan 2 forme is better everyone will just use that all the time. Meaning half the roster won't get used. So yeah, balance. I worry.