Batman: Arkham Origins Exclusive High-Resolution Lady Shiva Concept Art

LGN: "Today we have some more concept artwork from Batman: Arkham Origins, this time consisting of high-resolution images of Lady Shiva, one of the characters the Caped Crusader encounters in the open-world action-adventure."

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CyrusLemont1591d ago

HURRY UP ROCKSTEADY! I need more Batman, I demolished this game on all three playthroughs in a few days. Was a great experience, but I need some Conroy magic and a larger world with more things to do, plus a story post AC.

InTheLab1591d ago

Great character but hated her in Origins. They basically turned her into one of Talia's random female ninjas instead of the most badass fighter in the DCU.

CrossingEden1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Now THIS is how you design an interesting female character. No huge tits or cleavage needed. Japan should take notes.