The Minecraft Dilemma: Can Games Have Too Much Content?

Gaming Blend writes:
"Video games with features like “a vast, open world” or “hundreds of hours of gameplay” tend to terrify me. Gamers typically see those grand statements as a major plus when it comes to their hobby of choice, a way of getting the most bang for their hard-earned buck. Partially because my own gaming habits are changing and partially because I know my own “Must experience everything!” nature far too well, I now find myself shying away from games that offer what is arguably too much content. "

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DogtagDuke19921700d ago

No.It just needs to be organized more efficiently.

MestreRothN4G1700d ago

Also don't be repetitive/rehashed.

I like AC4, but there is SO much repetition. I'd rather get a little shorter game without so many similar missions and a more steady story and character progression.

Terraria, for instance, is very repetitive, but you're constantly progressing and there is the random loot as well. I think Minecraft has the same vibe, without the awesome combat and enemies, though.

WeAreLegion1700d ago

It is easy to get overwhelmed by games like Minecraft or Starforge, but it's almost always worth the extra effort to understand them, fully.

I personally felt overwhelmed by Oblivion the first time I played it. And even Red Dead Redemption. There's just SO MUCH CONTENT! But I always try to understand the games before I shrug them off.

Bethesda games are some of my favorites, even if they seem a bit daunting at first.

MestreRothN4G1700d ago

Have you seen Path of Exile's skill tree?

Talk about daunting...

ragincrinz1700d ago

so true. I find my self getting bored with big games like skyrim as they take ages to complete, but saying that it does feel good when you find new stuff to do in a game you have been playing for months.

crazysammy1700d ago

People actually saying they want LESS STUFF IN THEIR GAMES? This to me is the very definition of madness.

6YardsOut1700d ago

Thank you.

I thought this page was full of EA employees talking about how good it is to have less content and how big games are boring.

Next you'll be saying you want short games with microtransactions ffs.

kevnb1700d ago

ya for sure, minecraft isn't a success at all. People hate how much you can do... Same with skyrim, everyone hates how it has too much content....

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