Digital Foundry vs. Trine 2 On PlayStation 4

1080p60, stereo 3D, potentially even 4K - why the sky's the limit for the new version of Frozenbyte's puzzle-platformer.

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NatureOfLogic1524d ago

Wow, The game can actually reach 4k 30fps. Very nice port.

ABizzel11524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

To all those disagrees I received a while back about the PS4's GPU being powerful enough to render indie games, HD Collections, and possibly some PS3 games in 4K.

Your crow is waiting for you.

"It runs at native 1080p at 60 - but it's the only game to support stereoscopic 3D, running internally at an effective 1080p120 in the process. - Indeed, according to the developer, Trine 2 could even hit 4K at 30fps should Sony ever unlock the output of the PS4 to support ultra-HD resolution."

Baka-akaB1524d ago

Never doubted that personally (nor even at some point for the xb1) . I just obviously remain skeptic for "regular" retail games

Xsilver1524d ago

And some people(you know who those some people are) said that PS4 wouldn't not be able to achive 4k well how do you like them now.

pyramidshead1524d ago

Awesome post lol.

OT: Great devs produce great ports. Nice job with the PS4 port!

mewhy321524d ago

wow. PS4 4K ability for games confirmed. Also this game running at 1080p 120fps internally. WOW.

MidnytRain1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

This isn't really surprising. People with 7850s and 7870s in their systems are getting similar frames, which is the range of video cards the PS4 is supposed to fall in.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1523d ago

pc version just looks a tad bit crisper. Other than that it's a carbon copy.

CursedHero1524d ago

Indeed, this seems bad a$$

sigfredod1524d ago

This game looks really amazing on my Bravia 3D, everybody with access to a 3D display should try it once

hennessey861524d ago

It looks incredible in 3D, it looks incredible however you play it

Bathyj1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Why is no one talking about this game,it is absolutely stunning and I love the gameplay. Gorgeous, gorgeous game not to mention one of the highest rated games on next gen consoles.

DoctorJones1524d ago

Yeah it's a great game, I enjoyed completing it on my pc two years ago.

MidnytRain1524d ago

Probably because it's a port of a two-year-old game.

WeAreLegion1524d ago

Absolutely gorgeous game...and it looks even better in 3D! I highly recommend it.

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