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Submitted by Neoshockwave 787d ago | rumor

Sony Denmark adds fuel to speculation of Crash Bandicoot's return

PSU writes: In a new twist to the rumours that just won’t cease, a picture of Crash Bandicoot has again emerged on a Sony-controlled Twitter account. (Crash Bandicoot, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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khyu7777  +   787d ago
SONY announce it already
BALLBAGS  +   787d ago
one of the best moves by Sony if the have acquired the crash ip.

as mascots go..
Sega has sonic
Nintendo has Mario
Microsoft has halo

and crash was always seen as a Sony mascot, but now he actually can be.
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I_am_Batman  +   787d ago
I don't really care about mascots. I just want a new quality Crash game.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   787d ago
@above LOL same though!

Anyway, y'all gotta realize that Crash will most likely be made by Naughty Dog and be announced next year. It is going to be made.


@below "there is no PlayStation in Denmark" *DOUBLE FACEPALM*

there actually is a Playstation Denmark and they can't just put up a photo like tat without Sony's premission.
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abzdine  +   787d ago
there is no PlayStation in Denmark. In fact it's a stupid incompetent third party company who manages the PlayStation brand in all scandinavia. They are called Nordisk Film they can never give the right info..
Zichu  +   787d ago
It's up to Activision on whether a new Crash game will be released. It hasn't been exclusive to Sony since the PS1 days and I don't think it has ever been as good since then.

EDIT: Did I really get a disagree with the fact that it's up to Activision?? If so, you obviously don't know that Crash Bandicoot is owned by Activision, not Sony and not Naughty Dog.
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calis  +   787d ago
Yeah, everyone knows this.

The speculation is Sony buying the rights back.
Zichu  +   787d ago
So a Twitter account controlled by a branch in Denmark is saying that Sony might buy the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

It also says at the bottom that it also happened with a Playstation Brazil Twitter account, yet it was debunked by Activision themselves...

Seems quite unlikely.
GamerXD  +   787d ago

Don't be a pessimist, everyone else wants a new Crash. Just ride the heat and deal with it.

And like calis said, speculation is Sony getting Crash back.
Fixay  +   787d ago
No one likes facts here
mcstorm  +   787d ago
I hope we start to see some old names come back this gen. MW FPS games are getting old now lets see some Crash, Banjo ect this new gen.
shivvy24  +   787d ago
Jak, banjo !!
iamnsuperman  +   787d ago
I kind of see this as a troll by the Sony's Denmark Facebook team because of the recent rumours that were squashed or just some crash games being discounted or free on the store for Christmas (I. E. Nothing).

Though if crash does return I don't want Naughty Dog to do it. I think that studio has moved on from platformers. They are a different studio now
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Rich1631  +   787d ago
I do agree that Naughty Dog has moved on to bigger and better things. I guess it's the "nostalgia factor". But Uncharted is very much a platformer!
sonic989  +   787d ago
just make a third team within naughty dogs to develop the game
platformers are big Very big if done right
enough shooters already
i liked uncharted a lot but they should do something else other than holding a gun or punching in the face
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Crossbones  +   787d ago
Naughty Dog did say wait till early next year to see their upcoming project(s) ;)
Kurisu  +   787d ago
Crash Bash PS4, anyone?
Agent_hitman  +   787d ago
I'm sure that Naughty dog will develop another crash bandicoot game if sony buys the IP from activision.
SynestheticRoar  +   787d ago
Crash is the game I brought a Sony Vega for.
tigertron  +   787d ago
Just stop it! my heart can't take anymore. :(
CyrusLemont  +   787d ago
What exactly is stopping Activision from releasing a next gen Crash? Probably not developers, it's probably upper management demanding that it be done in a year and a half and riddled with micro transactions, rather than the developers taking their time to produce a quality title, with minimum bugs and eye popping visuals. I do hope the developers win that battle. Meh.
No_Pantaloons  +   787d ago
"Hey plumber boy, feeling a little like your days are numbered?"
GentlemenRUs  +   787d ago
Well Activision did delete everything Crash related off its site so here's hoping!
mt  +   787d ago
one can only hope crash is not making money for activision they sold it back to sony.
Relientk77  +   787d ago
Give me Crash on PS4, I want it.
Novistador  +   787d ago
The question is do we even want crash back, his last few games have just been awful. We really should just bury him, Sony has some great IP's but sadly Crash is no longer one of them.
Majin-vegeta  +   787d ago
Except Sony didn't make those god awful PS2 versions.
SpiralTear  +   787d ago
It's hilarious that Activision is still saying that they own Crash, even after everything has happened and continuing to happen. I'm really starting to think that they're purely in denial about this.

C'mon Sony, break the news already!
MasterofMagnetism  +   787d ago
There's no way that Sony would put Crash on their Facebook page if they didn't own the IP. I would be surprised if Crash doesn't come to PS4 after all of the rumors and that appearence in the commercial.
DFresh  +   787d ago
If Sony buys back the Crash Bandicoot series from Activision and gives it to Naughty Dog to develop for on PS4/PS Vita it would be amazing.
Rhezin  +   787d ago

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