December 2013 New Game Releases

What's new for the rest of 2013? What's going to be hot January 2014? Here's the complete list of games with their descriptions, covershots, and release dates!

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Lucifun1433d ago

Thanks for showing this, but the website could at least show which console the games are coming for.

DannyTanner1433d ago

I've updated the article to include a link to the complete list with the consoles the games are releasing for. Sorry for the stylesheet issue, it was bonked in our new sitewide update, but at least it can be read.

guitarded771433d ago

Well, it's better than most Decembers. December and July usually suck. Vita got some love today with a bunch of new releases. I was happy to see that.

kickerz1433d ago

Yea what's the go with not saying what console is each game for? It's as clear as mud (-_-)

TheRacingX1433d ago

I hate know its bad enough that ads pop up everywhere...but when I am now REQUIRED to sit through a video before I can read a stupid article, thats asinine...the internet has really turned into a cesspool of advertising and self gloating....

DannyTanner1433d ago

Good point, updating the entry to include which consoles the games are coming out for.