Top 10 Games You Won’t Regret Buying

This time the Editor at NF picked 10 games that you won’t regret buying, ever. Not only in terms of gameplay, but story and presentation wise they worth every penny you spent on them. Let’s not waste time and check out the top 10 games you can buy without hesitation.

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Tdmd1823d ago

Resident Evil 6?! Right, you won’t regret... ¬¬

SnowWhite1823d ago

RE6 was not one of the best out of the series but the way they tied the stories together as you played with each character gave it plusses. I still play it every so often in co-op mode with my son. Still has value to me.

DoctorJones1823d ago

I appreciate that you like it ayacurse, but I found it to be the worst RE I've ever played. In fact I couldn't stand playing it after a couple of levels, it was shockingly bad imo. I've completed every other RE game made, but RE 6 will be the only one I will never see to the end.

Tdmd1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

QTE extravaganza; Overpowered melee; J'avos; Chris section; The fact that you can no longer shoot zombies laying or sitting still like in the older games - Oh no, you have to wait for the scripted "surprise" scare!

That game was a joke...

I also think that coop and separate campaigns are a negative factor. Wanna add coop? Make it something extra to do after the main campaign. Optional instead of forced.

robtion1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ayacurse: That is cool that you can play it with your son, you sound like a fun dad ;)

Its a decent game with good production values, but just weak for a Resident Evil game. Its still fun just not up to the high standards set by previous titles.

CanadianTurtle1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

That is a great list. That's one of the joys of gaming; seeing other people's perspective on games.

To be fair though, I strongly think that RE6 and Playstation All Stars are pretty bad.

SnowWhite1823d ago

@DoctorJones It's true that compared to other RE games it's not the best but I did have fun with it and still am. Also it looks like not everyone likes RE6 as much as me and my son do.

H0RSE1823d ago

10. Metro: Last Light - the Metro games are really good. I'd say they are underrated and underplayed.

9. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - sorry, never even heard o fit...

8. Fallout 3: GOTY Edition - I did have a lot of fun with Fallout, but it is still sort of a slap in the face to the Fallout name/franchise, going for turn-based strategy to first/third person shooter, especially to purists. It's like all these remakes coming out in the theater, that aren't actually trying to remake anything. They are just taking the characters or the story, and just doping their own thing with them.

7. Resident Evil 6 Archives - Haven't been interested or played an RE game since RE2...

6. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: GOTY Edition - Never played this game, but I did play Uncharted 2, and found it to be nothing spectacular. Basically just a more action oriented Tomb Raider with guy instead of a chick.

5. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - I used to be a heavy WoW player, but I stopped after Frozen Throne. That being said, I'm sure this expansion is decent, as far as content goes at least, since Blizzard usually is pretty good in that department.

4. Darksiders II - It was a fun enough game, but not that fun... I'd put it in my "rent not buy" list.

3. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition - BF3 was fun, but the direction DICE went with trying to make BF "hip and edgy," with the theme music and the aesthetic and the overall feel, I wasn't really a fan. Just give me a game with good mechanics and gameplay. I still think the Bad Company games were the best, at least on console.

2. Mass Effect 3 - I was really pleased with ME3. I liked the look, I liked the atmosphere, and I liked the story...for the most part, and no, I didn't go apeshit over the ending... I thought the ending was kind of short and not epic enough, but the game itself I thought was tip top, and the multiplayer was surprisingly fun.

1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - This game was really good. I had a lot of fun playing it. Although it may lack much of the depth r features the original(s) had, I found it enjoyable nonetheless. After playing this on PC and then trying the console version version, I found it virtually unplayable due to how much better I found the controls to be on PC.

robtion1823d ago

Pretty good list but I like mine better.

1. The last of us.
2. Tomb raider.
3. Uncharted Trilogy.
4. God of War 3.
5. Mass effect trilogy.
6. Red dead redemption.
7. Catherine.
8. Xmen origins wolverine.
9. Prince of Persia.
10. Alice the madness returns.

SnowWhite1823d ago

Yours is a good list too.

robtion1822d ago

Thanks. Just thrown together off the top of my head. I could quite easily do a list of 50 great games from this gen, just so many great games out there.

Vanquish, Binary domain, Resistance trilogy, Suda 51 trilogy, BioShock trilogy, Saints row 3 and 4, The darkness, Dragons dogma, Demons souls, Dark souls, Metal gear solid 4, The saboteur, Condemned 2, Injustice gods among us, Singularity, Space marine, Portal 2, Turok, Bayonetta, Enslaved, Heavenly sword, etc, etc