Amazon Last Minute Deals: 16GB VitaCard $22 Off, 2K14 $40,PS4 Console $599

Last minute deals at Amazon. 16GB $22 off Vita Card, COD: Ghosts and NBA 2K14 $40, PS4 Console $599 (yes, still pricey but if there are desperate PS4 console hunters, there it is), LofUS $35 and more

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GirlOnFire1704d ago

I'll buy the PS4 for 600$ but no money. :( I already got PS4 I guess I'm still happy. ^~^

SWayne1704d ago

If you happen to buy the PS4 with no money, can you stuff it under my Christmas tree? :)

GirlOnFire1704d ago

I'm kind enough to give my PS4 to you but I would be sad then.. but if I get an free PS4 of course all yours. ^~^

fendernow1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

This girl has a great attitude despite console.