Youtube Metro: Last Light video compares Windows performance with SteamOS

Interesting videos continue to surface from the Steam Machine beta testing initiative, with Youtuber Corey Nelson this time providing a look at how Valve's operating system SteamOS handles Metro: Last Light, one of the most graphically advanced games on the PC right now.

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kiz26941402d ago

Wow really! that's a 100% increase, wasn't expecting such an improvement.

Stsonic1402d ago

Watch the end of the video.

SteamOS has no tessellation, lower aa, and no physx.

neoMAXMLC1402d ago

Was gonna point that out too. The Linux version is very limiting when it comes to video settings.

The same settings gives identical performance between both OSs.

XtraTrstrL1402d ago

Yeah, once he mentioned and showed that the settings options weren't the same, it was kind of a pointless test. Though, Gabe Newell has already shown that Linux can run the same Windows software with little to no alteration at a much better framerate, so I do expect better performance in SteamOS in general.

Hatsune-Miku1402d ago

This game needs to come to ps4 along with arma 3

webeblazing1402d ago

I find it funny some people on this site say kill zone looks as good as metro LL and say resolution n fps Dont matter

Murad1401d ago

Not going to lie, is that surprising? OpenGL isn't the easiest to use.

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mdluffy1402d ago

SteamOS turned of allot of advanced stuff, so it was probably running at console graphics. At the end windows does the same only better.

morganfell1402d ago

That will not last. The first thing people said was that SteamOS wasn't real. Then they were saying it would only have a handful of games. Now they are going to say it won't have the visual quality. In the end it will and that quality will wind up better. Devs and publishers are going to get behind this platform in a huge way. The OS already has a far lower overhead than Windows. In several titles running neck and neck with Windows as regards features enabled Steam OS (at that time straight Ubuntu) flat outran Windows.

Imagine as a developer and publisher being able to put your games on a living room PC whose operating system is free. How is that for encouragment? No more would your customers have their arm twisted by some company to pay a hundred or two hundred or more dollars for an upgrade.

SlapHappyJesus1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

There are features that simply are only available through the work they do with Windows.
Steam is the dominate market when it comes to PC, and when they push for Steam OS developers and publishers will listen.
You will start to see parity between the platforms and, honestly, Linux will run better than Windows, though just not to a extremely large degree.

JasonKCK1402d ago

Some people just try too hard

Ju1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

With the same settings they perform exactly the same. Your reaction just shows how misleading this is. I was impressed at first, but 4xMSAA vs. 2x no tessellation, no advanced physics. Of course SteamOS was faster. All that set to the same and the framerate went up on Windows.

come_bom1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

For now I'll continue with Windows, since i don't use Windows only for gaming. When/If SteamOS proves it self, then maybe I'll installed it on another partition, positioning it side by side with Windows.

MrDreadnought1402d ago

Don't rush to comment, if you watched the whole video or at least until the beginning of the steamOS you would see there is no costumization of quality, so this isn't a legitimate comparison.

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JamieReleases1402d ago

Same, although and it's worth noting that SteamOS is still in Beta as well! So it'll surely improve even more over time, but we'll have to wait and see. Would be good to see more comparisons.

kaozgamer1402d ago

yeah well the settings in the linux version was not the same as the settings in the windows version...

LeoDDestroyer1402d ago

I think what surprising is how similar the performances were when the values were made the same. The steam os is new so for a game like last light to play well on it is great news indeed.

ninjahunter1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Hmm, so no real performance difference.

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