Telltale confirms The Walking Dead: Season 2 will release on PS3 this week

El33tonline writes:

"After announcing PC and Xbox 360 release dates for the second season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead last week, the studio has announced that the first episode of the series, All That Remains, will also become available on PlayStation 3 this week."

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YoungPlex988d ago

I hope they release all the episodes of season 2 on 1 game card on the Vita, like they did with season 1. Even though it was buggy, I really enjoyed playing this game on the go.

One_Eyed_Wizard988d ago

How would downloading them prevent you from playing on the go?

YoungPlex988d ago

It wont prevent me who said that? It isn't even announced on Vita that I know of yet, and I wouldn't waste what little memory I have which is nearly maxed out on my 32gig, and no I wont carry an extra memory card with me everywhere I go. I just hope they make a physical version with all episodes like they did with season 1 That's it.

One_Eyed_Wizard987d ago

I had no idea the space was so limited. Anyway, since they released the first season in physical format I'm pretty sure the second season will get the same treatment. I wouldn't be too worried about it seeing as how they seem to be doing well.

BadlyPackedKeebab988d ago

hmmmm dont know if I can hold out for the inevitable ps4 version.

Ultr988d ago

:/ me too, oh how I would like to play iton the ps4 right when it releases this week...

Dmagic988d ago

this sucks because i bought a ps4 why the hell did they take so long smh.

BadlyPackedKeebab988d ago

I guess they put their effort where the most sales will be initially then mop up the other platforms after. Given the lack of games at the mo though I would expect a high sale per user figure for ng.

Tainted Gene988d ago

"Telltale confirms The Walking Dead: Season 2 will release on PS3 this week"