Has Bravely Default Saved The JRPG?

Grainger Games takes a look at new Nintendo 3DS game Bravely Default and wonders whether it's the game to inject fresh life and new ideas into the JRPG genre.

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Venox20081799d ago

there should have been a question: Did it save Square Enix?

JRPG is alive and kickin with Xenoblade, Last Story, Ni no kuni and some others including Bravely Default

SpiralTear1799d ago

Don't forget the Persona series.

mikeslemonade1799d ago

Nope. The fact that a JRPG is made for a handheld means the JRPG is still declining. JRPGs use to dominate home-consoles.

Ni no Kuni and Last Story isn't enough. There use to be around atleast 5 well-named rpgs heading to the console every year.

CLOUD19831799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

@mikeslemonade no idea why u get disagrees dude but I agree with u, I start playing JRPGs on PS1 back then we had so many options PS2 continue the same trend although most games didn't have the same quality as on PS1 but at least we still have lot's of games to choose from, now if we compare PS3 to PS1/PS2 days it's not even close PS3 didn't get not even 5% of the total amount of JRPGs we get on PS1 or PS2 the main reason for that is that most companies abandon all those amazing games & never create sequels for PS3, I speak for Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Grandia, Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono series, Wild Arms, Lunar series, Ogre series, Valkyrie Profile & more...

The previous generations we had all those games to play now what JRPG we have to play for consoles? each console have 1-2 good games Ni No Kuni on PS3, Xenoblade on Wii, Lost Odyssey for 360... situation is tragic for JRPG fans the generation of PS3 was the worst we had ever see let's see what the new generation is going to bring now I hope not the same things with PS3 2-3 good games in 7 years...

kewlkat0071799d ago

Dude the genre been on decline for years...saved JRPGS my @ss. You'll get a couple here and there but wake me up when it's like snes,psone,pstwo days....nothing points the jrpg genre heading towards those eras

Magicite1799d ago

compared to PS2 era, JRPGs are nonexistent

Blacklash931799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Bravely Default
The World Ends with You
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Xillia
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Devil Survivor 2
Persona 4
Etrian Odyssey IV
Etrian Okyssey Untold
Ni No Kuni
Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Pokemon Black and White (also BW2)
Pokemon XY
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Ys: Origin

All of these games have been recieved well by critics over the past several years, as well as widely liked by gamer crowds.

JRPG's don't need saving. How many times this type of article comes up (or reviews do the "long-awaited evolution of the JRPG's" spiel) whenever a good JRPG comes out pretty much proves my point. It's like these writers and review sites don't even pay attention to themselves.

Baka-akaB1799d ago

Seriously , isnt it time already , such "media and press" just declare jrpg dead once and for all , and stop talking about it instead of making stuff up and "ways to save it" ?

Those guys need to move on , accept they wont turn into skyrim , and just enjoy their 3-5 good wrpgs release per gen .

Lucreto1799d ago

They don't need saving but the lack of decent JRPG's on HD consoles last generation has not done it any favours. I love JRPG's but my PS3 collection is less than half my PS2 collection.

pandehz1799d ago

They need to release twice that amount to even make a dent to ARPG genre.

Also none of those games have a wide appeal. That doesnt mean they are not good, its just there a numerous factors that dont cater to todays audiences expectations, one being density/intensity of entertainment directly related to time invested. Basically JRPG's are too slow is what most ppl would feel right away. I have played my share but I dont play them anymore.

It is kinda dying slowly. Reminds me of hand drawn animation. Fantastic but the world has changed.

REDBEARD1799d ago

Xenoblade, for me, is what saved the jrpg genre. I wasn't a big of the genre until I played Xenoblade. Now I am alot more interested in SMT, Final Fantasy, and others.

Chrono1799d ago

Bravely Default is very good, I'd say it's better than most of Square Enix's recent JRPGs. Note that it's not developed by Square Enix's own studios but by Silicon Studio (makers of 3D Dot Game Heroes).

muttsurini1799d ago

The tales series is a living example that jrpg's are still alive in this generation.

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