Yuna’s FFX-2, Aerith & Cloud costumes now available as Lightning Returns DLC - Trailer

The next batch of Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC is out now in Japan and includes three new costumes in total - Yuna’s X-2 Gunner outfit, Cloud’s SOLDIER 1st Class and Aerith outfit.

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betan211438d ago

LOL that weapon on her back o.o

KonsoruMasuta1438d ago

Those two weapons on her front. :0

Godmars2901438d ago

Lightning wont go the F*** away...

Square can't stop riding that nostalgia horse.

ErryK1438d ago

That's their marketing strategy, however it isn't their fault that people are buying it. You buy it because YOU want it, so it's YOUR fault if you end up paying SE for these.

Godmars2901438d ago

I bought FF13. I specifically didn't buy anything else because FF13 was that bad and unrewarding for me. Yet Square planned to put out 13-2 and 13-3 before the first was even finished.

ErryK1438d ago

Then don't buy them? I presume you're not planning to buy them so really you shouldn't be complaining because a) If you don't like it from the start, you'll live with that mindset forever. b) I like it, so I'm gonna buy the games.

Let's end it at that.

Godmars2901437d ago

You literally just got done BLAMING me for the sequels. I was only correcting you.

And I'm complaining because of the examples of the FF13 sequels Square will only compound on the mistakes made with that "series" as they try to continue the full FF series.

KonsoruMasuta1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I might have to buy that Yuna DLC.

chikane1438d ago

Ashe Paine Rikku both X-X-2 please Enix < outfits next

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