German Football Star Receives Free PS4 - S storm Follows

The German Football Star Toni Kroos received a free PS4 from Sony right after training. He posted a photo on Facebook to show his lovely new console. What he didn't expect was the shitstorm that followed his post. Many fans were angry that Sony would give away free consoles to wealthy sport stars when fans waited hours in line for nothing.

Here are some comments:

"Normal people get nothing and the celebrities get the PS4 thrown behind. You should really be ashamed of yourselves"

"While people here at the Media Markt in Germany / Austria and Switzerland were beating each other to receive a console, Sony has presented the PlayStation 4 to "needy" footballer."

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GamerXD1826d ago

Stuff like that normally happens. You know, PR.

slimeybrainboy1825d ago

I'm suprised Sony/MS didnt give every single youtuber a PS4. You would only have to give a way a 1000 to reach a large portion of youtube gamers, and then they all will play ps4 at least for the first month and there subscribers would see. You give pewdiepie a ps4, you give it to 8 million people.

Then just spin it like you're giving them consoles to make sure everypone could see next gen.

TruthBTold1825d ago

I know right. I can't believe in today's world we have people who think they deserve to have anything anyone else ever gets. Kroos has worked with Sony in the past so yeah, Sony sends him a free PS4. Deal with it, wait if you have to just like the majority of people. Athletes get a lot of benefits due to contracts they have with different companies. The whole Barca squad gets free Audis every freaking year. Is there someone who feels they also deserve a free Q7 because Valdes got one for free? I am afraid for my children to grow in a world where too many people want things with little to no effort but that the world owes it to them.

HurtfulTimez1825d ago

I get what your saying but it is stupid when some people have to scrimp and scrape money together to buy a console for a loved one or childs birthday/xmas whatever, and then some one who has enough money to buy 100 ps4s cash, gets given one for free i understand the feelings of some people.

it happens everywhere though, clothing and footwear get sent free to celebs who already have money and then expect the joe public to go out and pay.

sobekflakmonkey1825d ago


It's called using a celeb to advertise, it's basic stuff really, people who might not be interested in video games might be if they see they're fave celeb with such a thing, same goes for shoes and clothing etc, famous people with stuff sells more stuff...

Dirtnapstor1825d ago

@ HurtfulTimez

Don't play that "poor me" BS card. A new console is not a life necessity.... It's a luxury item. If you want it bad enough, you save for it! You'll figure out a way beyond your basic needs!
No one is entitled. That mentality is becoming more and more an issue. If Sony or whoever wants to "bless" someone, so be it. That's their prerogative.

TruthBTold1825d ago

As mentioned below, a PS4 isn't feeding someone's child. It's an electronic device. If you can't afford something don't buy it. Simple as that. My neighbor got a Rolex for Christmas even though he makes enough money to buy it for himself. Does that mean society should buy me one since I can't afford one for myself? If you want something work for it. If you happen to get it for free for whatever reason, lucky you and good for you. If I want something expensive all I need to do is save up for it until I can afford it. If you can't afford a PS4 or XBox One then save up. If it's still too hard then you are getting your priorities mixed up.

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dp2774071826d ago

Microsoft sent engraved Xbox One's too some football team and I mean soccer cause I'm American but did you hear crying...maybe?

DanielGearSolid1825d ago

Well it was x1 nobody waited in line for that....

I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

Blackdeath_6631825d ago

the demand for PS4 in germany is insane thats why

SniperControl1825d ago

Didn't that moron zlaton ibrahimovich have specially made X1s sent to his PSG team mates well before release date?

SniperControl1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


Oh dear, you must of missed the "I think the World Cup would be a better tournament if I "Zlaton" was there instead of Ronaldo" quote, just before Ronaldo handed "Ibra's" ass on a plate to him during the playoffs.

Corporate star licking only gets you so far.........

Kyanu1825d ago

Best quote from Ibrahimovic:

Ibra "Only god knows how it's going to end"
Interviewer: It's kinda hard to ask him!"
Ibra: "You're talking to him now!"

But back to topic:
I think there wasn't such a high demand for the Xbox One in Eurpoe especially in Germany. They should only do some sort of commercial for the devices or the games like Messi did. Why do they have to get free consoles? I mean, they can give away their free consoles to celebrities but don't show it to the rest of the world.

I got mine on the 29th but a lot of my friends were standing in line in the freezing cold for nothing.

Eonjay1825d ago

Those tweets were sent by people standing in line. Many of them are still in line till this very day...

worldwidegaming1825d ago

Yep, They must have thought they were special...
A lesson learned every day.

bromtown1825d ago

Advertising, that's what this is. If people can't see that they're a bit dense. Obviously it's annoying if you didn't get your console, but that isn't this bloke's or Sony's Ad department's fault.

Kyanu1825d ago

I can understand the frustration of the fans to some point. Jack Tretton handled the issue that there aren't enough consoles for all the fans out there much more carefully.

I mean, they could've pretend that he was pre-ordering his console and now that holidays are coming, he can finally pick it up or what ever.

bromtown1825d ago

I doubt this particular console was ever going to be available to buy anyway. I'm sure nearly every company has stock of their product reserved in house for marketing purposes, celebrities and journalists. It's not like they went to the local videogame retailer and snatched it out of someone's hands.

Kyanu1825d ago

Sure, bromtown, I get your point. I guess he has at least 5 consoles in his office, or has at least access to as many consoles as he likes.

But the way they communicated it, is different and way better in my opinion.

And I know that Toni Kroos has a contract with Sony, but it just looks weird especially when considering how much of a fight it was for many Europeans to get a console...or try to get one.

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