Wii U Trending At Walmart Online

Once again, Wii U is coming up as a bestseller in a US online retailer, and is in fact sold out online again. How is the console really selling?

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JackieCruise691703d ago

Seems like all these bundles and deals are finally catching some attention.
Good to hear.

Burrito26a1703d ago

I bought the Mario bundle and have been waiting forever for the terrible services of FedEx to come through.

PhatsoJuggalo8061703d ago

I work in the FedEx warehouse. Our terminal has been delaying trailers like a whole day since the holiday starting kicking in, so yeah it might be it bit slow in some areas

cesuf1703d ago


You cant really be this short on any amount of common sense. Obviously there's slow downs with all mail services during the holidays when the workload increases by 100 fold.

P.S. Please do not breed, ever. kkthnks!

1702d ago
Movieworld1703d ago

A console being the top selling item for ONE DAY is basically irrelevant.

zero_gamer1703d ago

A Nintendo console selling better than you wanted is "basically irrelevant."

JohnnyTower1703d ago

Wii U has been trending at my house ever since I got Deus Ex.

MsmackyM1703d ago

I bought Deus Ex off Newegg for $22, and can't stop playing it. The Gamepad definitely adds to the experience.

hduce1703d ago

Wii U was trending at my house day one.

TheUndertaker851703d ago

Great. Gotta keep up with trends.

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The story is too old to be commented.