Xbox One Launching in China in 2014 - Microsoft Comments Indicate the Same

Microsoft has just effectively verified the claim of Chinese Sources that Xbox One would be getting a Chinese Launch in 2014. When approached for comment Microsoft all but confirmed the rumor. So in all probability we ARE seeing a Chinese Launch of the Xbox One in 2014.

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GamerXD1824d ago

X1 would be outselling PS4 if this ever happens.

iamnsuperman1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Why? For a start is isn't uncommon to see PS3s or 360s in China depsite having a ban there (which they have only just lifted) . People import them from neighbouring countries/distributors. The opening of the Chinese market isn't going to have a major impact on sales since there sales were there in the first place. Just not officially (as they couldn't be sold there)

Secondly since the main feature for the Xbox One requires localisation it might not be that popular if they don't sort that out (Microsoft haven't really sorted that out for countries outside the US yet. China is a completely different beast)

mhunterjr1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I dunno man, first of all, Microsofts launch partner in china is BesTV, and they appear to be making a Funshion specific version of the xb1 specifically for the region. So chances are it won't only be feature complete, it will nix the need for a standalone box to pass through. Localization shouldn't be an issue.

Secondly, I find the idea that legalizing something won't have a major effect on sales, pretty silly. That's almost as silly as the suggestion that having it readily available locally and heavily marketed also won't have an effect on sales.

electricone851824d ago

You sound scared, The thing is this time the consoles will actually be advertised, and not sold as boot legs. Throw in the fact that chinese rarely buy japnese product and that points to xbox 1 destroying PS4 in sales.

Lalanana1823d ago

If this is true. MS should be very excited.

All those people over there..

b163o11823d ago

This could be big for M$, and I'm a PS fan. One thing that comes to mind thou, is M$ isn't known for there selection of games, where Sony is a company where you could find a game for almost every type of gamer under the sun. China's ban has apparently has been lifted and I'm pretty sure Sony knows this as well, so M$ may strike first, but it doesn't really mean to much as of now. Good to here about the ban being lifted thou...

rainslacker1823d ago

The benefit of the lifting of the ban is that it allows for open trade and more importantly advertising. It also helps reduce prices since they won't actually be imported anymore.

However, I think the biggest challenge facing any company looking to launch in China is going to be piracy. Not preventing it, but the fact that piracy is just so common there. Trademark and copyright don't really exist for non-Chinese companies operating in China. Or at least it's not really enforced. Rip off hardware is all too common. Bootleg games even more so.

Console piracy has a direct impact on console sales in China. The PS2 was the most popular console there for the longest time because it was cheap and easily pirated. Wii took over for the same reason.

If a hack comes along for any system, expect it to be the dominate console, no matter how many partnerships or advertising are done on the system.

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malokevi1823d ago

I have to disagree, because as much as I love X1....

WHO. THE HELL. CARES? Sales are for corporate stooges.

I'm happy that our brothers in China will have the opportunity to dip their toes in to the warm, all-encompassing glow that is next-gen gaming. That's why this is story is important [to me].

It is definitely good for Microsoft if they touch down first in China. Not to mention the discord between China/Japan. But, at the end of the day, it's just one more place where sales numbers wont really matter that much as far as we, the gamers, are concerned.

a08andan1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Haha thought of this when reading your comment :)

Volkama1823d ago

I could copy and paste this into so many N4G articles every day, just swapping out the word "China" to match the tedious sales argument of the moment.

Well said.

malokevi1823d ago

Lol a08, you read my mind.

psych1824d ago

From my time in China over the past few years I can say that the Wii was the most popular last gen console in China followed by Xbox 360 then left in the dust was the PS3.

This was (in my opinion) due to the ease of flashing\modding the Wii and Xbox 360 and the availability of pirated games for those systems.

I can only assume that the easiest console to flash\mod will "win" China.

Volkama1823d ago

But that's not winning. Unless they monetise the hardware very differently there.

SirBradders1823d ago

People need to remember china is massively in widespread poverty no console will sell well there.

Golden_Mud1823d ago

It's the small villages that are having poverty , huge cities like Shanghai actually have these huge business men all over the place with cars that you won't believe a Chinese man can get

SirBradders1823d ago

It would take your average Chinese man in the highest minimum wage region 2 and a half months to buy a PS4 at its standard price. In the lowest minimum wage region that jumps to 3 - 3 and half months.

JBSleek1823d ago

Do you know how many Americans technically are below poverty or near the poverty line?

Over 40 million or 13.2%

SirBradders1823d ago

Yea but most believe everything they are told in the media thus advertisers can make people buy things.
Just look at their elections for President.

rainslacker1823d ago

Consoles on the grey market were selling about 2 million systems overall a year back in 2009. That number was rising about 20-30% year over year. That's when it was illegal. Now imagine when they make it legal, and start competing and marketing.

Soldierone1823d ago

The only good news from this is that all the people in China that bought one will now count as a purchase in China and not a neighboring region lol

It might be "banned" but that doesn't mean people didn't buy them, steal them, or create a blackmarket for them.

christocolus1823d ago

Ooops...Sorry for the multiple posts.Phone went crazy and did multiple deliveries.

christocolus1823d ago

Hope MS is able to pull this off right. While at it, they need to get some mmo devs on board. Also they should start setting up game studios in china.

christocolus1823d ago

Sorry guys for the multiple phone went crazy and decided to post multiple times.

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