Well, Damn: The New Super Smash Bros. Is Not Slated for a Spring Release

The game, which is releasing on both the Wii U and the 3DS (but does not support the interconnectivity that was once touted as a Wii U/3DS feature), was originally rumored to release in spring 2014. The rumors strengthened when Nintendo’s General Manager of Germany, Bernd Fakesch, stated that Super Smash Bros. 4 would be accompanying Mario Kart 8′s already-confirmed spring release. Nintendo later backpedaled, stating that the original interview with Mr. Fakesch had a “misquotation.”

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oricon1555d ago

Smash bros is known for having alot of content why do people want them to release it ASAP, so they have way less content than the previous games?

General Shrooms1555d ago

I've been a big fan Super Smash since the first. I would be willing to buy a wiiu for this game alone. Given it comes out in a timely manner.

JackieCruise691555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The longer, the better I always say. For games at least.
Although a Spring release would have been cool, I'm still expecting the game around Late summer or fall.

Activemessiah1555d ago

Anybody who complains about this should look at the state of Battlefield 4... puts things into perspective... this game will not be patched ONCE!

daftpunkfan1555d ago

This is actually changing for Nintendo, albeit slowly. If I recall correctly, a few of their first party games on Wii U have gotten several patches. I wouldn't mind this. Bug fixes, balancing, maybe a new character here and there.

thehobbyist1555d ago

Hey maybe with the extra time they can actually put in crossplay. HOW COULD YOU NOT PUT IN CROSSPLAY FOR THIS GAME I DON'T UNDERSTAND!