Enough is Enough (Violent Video Game Research)

How many studies have to be done, and how many times does the answer need to be given? It seems to (SoC from the Gaming Heretic) that no matter how many studies say otherwise, people continue to blame games for violence. To make matters worse is how these studies are even done is just ridiculous. For instance, one study tested self-control by seeing which teens ate more chocolate while playing violent and nonviolent games. The conclusion was that those playing violent games ate more chocolate.

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CursedHero1674d ago

Good reasoning, and I think it is easier for people to have a big target to point at rather than themselves. Sigh @[email protected]

joab7771674d ago

Australia just released a commercial in which it says that gambling is affected by playing games...they clarified by saying gambling games but havnt changed it yet (that I know of) There was reference to a study that says that video game players tend to have a larger reward center in their greater pleasure responses to particualr activities...just like heroin addicts, alcoholics and gambling addicts. Their point was that video games perpetuate sickness and can ofyen lead to worse behavior.

Normally, I wouldn't mention this but I am a recovering addict of almost 5 yrs. And after countless attempts to get better, guess what helped, what helped to fill the void? games. I am not gonna say that they alone saved my life...but they surely helped. So...there's two ways to look at this. I wish the media would stop continiously spinning everything to fit their agenda. I will listen to reason and the possibility that in some instances, violent games (and movies, music etc.) may play a part in a tragedy. But they must also listen and stop ignoring the facts that it is rare and in most cases, the primary contributing factor is something else, albeit mental illness and/or medication (observe how almost all cases the perpetrator is on some isn't coincidence), or a specific agenda.

If they want anyone to take them serious and contribute to the present debate, they must b honest and consider all elements...instead of constantly playing to their preconceived notions.

Kryptix1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Good to read that video games helped you against your addiction. To me, with the awful conditions I grew up in, it helped me stay sane and made me fully jump out of my depressive state and drug addiction 3 years ago. (21 now) It's a form of escapism, what you do in video games does not entirely transfer to real life. But how you feel in real life can transfer to a video game, letting go of that anger or keep you from hurting yourself by distracting you. And with extended play, you can really develop good leadership skills, according from a study that I read. It makes choices much easier because we know what the good and bad consequences are by playing video games. And some games like Mass Effect makes you the center of a world, producing the feeling like you matter, makes you feel like a hero. (If that's what you decided. lol The evil choice is just to release anger you might have in humanity.)

Like you said, the news media loves to plant the seed that video games are completely bad. To me, it really has much to do with bad parenting and the people around us that affect our lives. There's no one that we can open up to and share our problems with because a lot don't care or listen. They don't pay attention to try and stabilize the thing that is wrong with someone, like a mental condition or signs that the person is being bullied at school.

From experience, video games is a life changer. Who knows where I would be, maybe I would be hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting myself in a lot of trouble. But looking through the scope I currently see through, it helps me become distracted from the stress life can bring. From all the moments of feeling regret but popping in a video game in helps me forget about those regrets or bad memories. So I'll be a gamer for life and my kid will be one, too no matter what the media loves people to believe, I'm not blinded by that.

bobsmith1674d ago

idk ever since that mw2 airport terrorist mission

PsylentKiller1674d ago

Grand theft auto 3 I believe was point at which these people jumped off the deep end.
It's not a problem that they want to do another study. These things need to be retested for validity but it is ridiculous that it makes headlines every time a new study is done.


Trying to find any reason but ourselves,1 study,1 million tax payer dollars at a time.
I know,1 million in chocolate!!?, yes,and cheaper chocolate produced more violent results whereas expensive chocolate saw outbursts down nearly .08%.
My violent tendencies whilst on Caramilk are well documented.

jerethdagryphon1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

depends on violence type person on person if your weak minded you might see people who play fps considering that activity in life but violence n property own games like puzzlers or platformers or gt6/5/4/3/2/1/ are just as likely to see a controller go flying .

game ratings are there for a reason, younger children or gamers who are mentally vulnerable shouldnt play 15-18s simply because if you cant separate reality from fantasy then there is a risk

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