DUST 514 Is Hosting A Rich Mixture of Winter In-Game Events

CCP just announced a series of Dust 514 in-game events for the forthcoming holidays. Throughout the month of December, those mercenaries who participating in the battles raging throughout New Eden will be mobilized and rewarded.

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FRAKISTAN1679d ago

They should bring EVE online and Dust514 to the PS4

Hatsune-Miku1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

This game needs to be on ps4 now in 1080p @60fps. I guess from the disagrees the xbox fanboys are very upset they cant play a downgraded version of dust 514 on xbox. They should just get a superior console the ps4 which is the most powerful console on earth just like the ps3 was last gen

guitarded771679d ago

It's rumored to be coming to PS4. CCP talked about the 10 year plan for the game, and that would require it to move over to PS4. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. It's a fun game, but needs the PS4's power to make it run like it should (although it runs well on the PS3, the PS4 just has so much more to offer).

SonyNGP1679d ago

Ew no. Planetside 2 craps all over this garbage.

And for frick sake. Cut the salesman crap.

mewhy321679d ago

I'd love to see this running on PS4. 1080p 60fps baby!!

spicelicka1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

omgah superior console omgah, calm down and keep your pants on you embarrassing piece of meat. It's not even a good game, i'm playing the killzone trial on my ps3 rather than this.

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ATi_Elite1679d ago

If you wanna play Eve Online then you are gonna need a PC.

Sony has too many rules about updates and servers and CCP needs Direct nonrestrictive access to their servers and MORE importantly to their Gamers because Eve Online is a Gamers Game driven 100% by Gamers and their feedback.

CCP flies the Major Eve Online corp leaders and Game Reps out to the studio for a bi-yearly summit on Dev/gamer relationship, that's how close CCP is to their community.

Also Eve Online is ONE World One Server so PS4 players would have to play with PC Gamers and Sony doesn't want that.

So Eve Online is just another example of how PC gaming has somethings that are different and would NOT translate well to the console side.

Dust514, NO NO NO, no more wasting time with this CCP needs to go full throttle on the World of Darkness MMO.

Dust 514 1800 players during PEAK times and lowering is a waste of time when CCP could be working on World of Darkness.

dangert121679d ago

Also Eve Online is ONE World One Server so PS4 players would have to play with PC Gamers and Sony doesn't want that.

Can you bring me a source for this information?

Tony-Red-Grave1679d ago

I haven't played dust in... i think 4/5 months now, the game got really stale, Did they add the new heavy suits yet or are they still holding them out? It's just sad the weakest class in the game is heavy :/. I plan on playing it again soon maybe this time I won't ind it as boring as i originally did.

DanielGearSolid1679d ago

Was just playing this and getting my ass kicked