A Dark Time In Gaming

It’s a little dark, I’ll (the author, Todd Black) give you that, but the question needs to be raised. Events over the past couple years, if not a decade, have raised a simple question. Have we, the gaming community, become something that we should ultimately despise? It was recent events that made me ask this question; but there are plenty of factors that can be attributed to the “Dark Age of Gaming”. Allow me to spell out some of them and carefully explain why these things matter to our culture and why we should correct them

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Juste_Belmont1702d ago

The level of apathy in some people is really disturbing. It's sad that companies try to include fun, new features like swapnote and streaming only to have inconsiderate people and outright perverts ruin it for everyone else. I'm glad I grew up in a time when I was allowed to be a kid and didn't have to worry about immature adults ruining my fun.

Ol_G1701d ago

because of this miiverse 3ds is blocked to the point that you can't exchange friendcodes making friend requests impossible