Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo Now Available on Japanese PSN

Get onto the Japanese PSN store now to download the demo.

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HystericalGamez1552d ago

Awesome! Gonna download now!

Snookies121552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Mind letting us know how it is in the comments afterwards? I would download it on my Japanese account, but my internet connection sucks right now so it would take forever to get lol.

HystericalGamez1552d ago

Playing right now. I played it at NYCC and hated it.

After playing the Tutorial level, it's a little better.

My friend TGZ put's it really well in this quote though.

"The Camera is like soap"

vishmarx1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

its gonna compete for the worst dbz game ever.
thats really something

Snookies121552d ago

Ouch. The gameplay looked pretty good based on videos. The fact that you can't transform in battle though really made me lose most interest in the game however. Was hoping it would still be good in terms of the fighting mechanics at least!

vishmarx1552d ago

IMO raging blast 2 had the best gameplay this gen.BT3 obviously was the best otherwise.

Snookies121552d ago

Yeah, I just wish they'd do an HD collection of the Tenkaichi games with online play... That would be the best thing ever...

admiralvic1552d ago

If you want to wait an hour, I'll upload some gameplay.

TheGameTagerZ1552d ago

It's pretty meh. A lot of getting used to. The online is pretty fun though.

admiralvic1552d ago

I got to agree with it being meh. Standard anime game that doesn't try to extend beyond that.

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