EA: We're the Best Company in the World

GR said, "Apparently, EA is the best company out there. At least, according to EA."

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-Foxtrot1702d ago

They are a parallel universe

Pillsbury11702d ago

They would find a way to rip off parallel you.

sloth33951702d ago

they must be in Bizzaro's Universe

-Foxtrot1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

LOL...9 disagrees for that

Stay classy N4G ¬¬


Doubtful...if we are in a parallel world, one of an infinite number of bubble universes if we go by that theory, then they would be the "saints" in that world alongside Capcom, Square Enix, Activision and we would be getting ripped off by someone like NaughtyDog, Rocksteady, Valve etc instead.

guitarded771702d ago

Maybe they went to one of those "say it, believe, and it will happen" seminars.

There was a time when I really liked EA (I still like many of the developers under the company), but especially in the last 3 years, they have gone to crap.

I just hope Star Wars Battlefront makes it out without too much influence from EA or Disney. Just let DICE, and the fans build exactly what they/we want.

MRMagoo1231702d ago

after playing the crap out of all my games including, BF4, AC4, Fifa14, injustice, killzone sf, marvel lego and knack, i have to say so far ubi is winning, i cant put the real pirate sim down.

PoSTedUP1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

ea is drinking again.

@mrmagoo- man, i knew ac4 was gonna be sick, im glad ppl are saying its as good as i thought it would be. cant wait to play it.

mikeslemonade1702d ago

As far game publishers + development teams..

1. Sony- most exclusives that take advantage of a powerful system
2. Nintendo- polished exclusives and gameplay driven
3. EA- sheer amount of games they publish and develop
4. Ubisoft- 2nd in amount of games they publish and develop
5. Microsoft- exclusives that take advantage of 360 and X1

slimeybrainboy1701d ago

You csant even joke on N4G half the time these days. There is something seriously wrong with people, I don't know whether they're dumb, sensisitive or fanboys, I don't now anymore.

That joke was so harmless, and EA is everyones enemy.

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MGS_fanatico_1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

There goes EA again tooting their own horn, as if they had a horn to toot...This statement is ESPECIALLY inappropriate considering they haven't even fixed BF4 yet! Glad I gave up on them.

-Superman-1702d ago

EA better than Valve or Dog? No way!!!!

Snookies121702d ago

Eh, no. They're not the worst, but certainly not the best lol.

Silly gameAr1702d ago

I'm starting to see why John Riccitiello resigned. He was starting to see how unstable in the head the bunch at EA are becoming.

gpturbo811702d ago

they are the best in the world, at putting out halfassed gliiiiitchy garbage.

BillytheBarbarian1702d ago

Drop the NFL license and they would be.

Ilovetheps41702d ago

Do you know when their contract with the NFL runs out? I'd like to see competition in the NFL games category.

Crossbones1702d ago

December 31, 2013 if they don't sign anything till then. After that date 2K can make NFL 2K15 for next year.

Ilovetheps41702d ago

Thank you for the information Prodigy. That'd be great if they didn't get the contract renewed. The more competition, the better.

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