Nintendo’s Online Account System May be to Our Benefit

Gamnesia: "I want Nintendo to have a universal account system. I see the benefits every other platform has because of it, and it feels odd to not have this benefit on my Nintendo hardware. However, it feels like a light bulb went off in my head a few days ago that made me understand exactly why Nintendo hasn't done it, and why they may never do it. They are protecting us.

Now, in most cases many of us would feel like we can protect ourselves. I mean, can't we? Well, it recently came to light that there are 34,000+ hacking attempts on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One every single day. These hacking attempts are to steal usernames that contain credit card data, high ranking multiplayer profiles, and all that jazz. These sorts of hacking attempts wouldn't work on Nintendo's current platforms."

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Dunban671702d ago

now I have heard it all re: Defending stupid Nintendo policies 101. Wow and to think these are the dwindling type fans Nintendo listens too- and people wonder why the Wi u is struggling-

Cheaptrick1702d ago

This article is a joke. Nintendo is hijacking your console with its NNID system. It limits your gameplay using your original NNID to a single console. I got my second Wii U few weeks ago & it's now collecting dust. For me to use it I need to make another NNID. I can't also transfer my game saves on my original Wii U to my second Wii U. Nintendo put some kind of encryption on the removable USB storage making it unusable on another console. To play on my second Wii U means playing from the beginning on all my games to rank up with my new NNID. I cannot even register my new Wii U without making another Club Nintendo account cuz my first Club Nintendo account is also tied up to my first Wii U. All my Club Nintendo coins for my new Wii U will also go to my new Club Nintendo account.

Unifying accounts is not the real solution here. It's untying your NNID to a single console. Nintendo also needs to speed up with its plan cloud storage service with Mozy. Even if Nintendo unties NNID to a console, syncing your games saves would be very difficult. Both Sony & Microsoft have their own cloud storage services (512 Mb for each account) for awhile now. There's no reason why Nintendo needs to wait for another year to do so.

MsmackyM1702d ago

The NNID is far more secure than the competition, but it definitely has it's drawbacks. With digital games there should be a way to share your purchases across your devices. Right now I'm debating whether I want to buy the kids another WiiU without having to purchase every digital game again.

Dunban671702d ago

If Nintendo is doing this "for us" ( I assure you they are not) then why don t they give us a choice as to which type of account we want, one tied to the hardware or a conventional account like MSFT and Sony?

starfox0791702d ago

I'm sure they will rectify it soon enough....