Analyst: Call of Duty Ghosts Sales Numbers Are 'Troubling'

Call of Duty: Ghosts debuted on Nov. 5 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. Last year, Black Ops II didn’t release until Nov. 12. In 2011, Modern Warfare 3 hit stores on Nov. 8. That means that even with more time to sell, Ghosts couldn’t keep up with its two most-recent predecessors.

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TomShoe1794d ago

Because gamers are getting tired of the same old thing. I'll admit, BO2 was great, and I regretted buying Ghosts day 1. I'll just sit this year out until the 3Arc (The A Studio) comes out with BO3.

CursedHero1794d ago

Yep! I'm right there with you on Ghosts @[email protected]

mikeslemonade1794d ago

The sales are still beyond what they need to keep Activision afloat. It's the other games they are making that are bringing them down.

When you consider they rehashed the game and just ported it over to the current gen systems, they probably spent less money compared to other developers.

SL1M DADDY1794d ago

IMHO the best thing they could do for this franchise is give each release a two year span and release more content on a regular basis. Game modes, maps, skins and perhaps an extended single player portion. Stop wit the yearly releases and just dish out more content for a reasonable price.

cesuf1794d ago

I don't think it's really a matter of the same thing as much as over saturation. You can tweak and change up things only so much and remain true to the original formula.

One of the biggest things needed is to stop with the yearly refreshes.

Daniel_Potter1794d ago

Black Ops 2 was great?
Ok, Zombies were awesome
And the campaign though, was the best out of all COD's, wasn't really all that good compared to other singleplayer games like Deus Ex Human Revolution for example
And the multiplayer for the most part was a broken mess
Full of OP guns, broken spawns, and small maps, that forced everyone to go into close combat
Plus, i am not a graphics freak, but they completely threw all the graphical standards out of the window when making the game
the game is just ugly

dcj05241794d ago

Yeah. Imo the last good COD was black ops.

Cuzzo631794d ago

Whoa... never disrespect Cod 4 campaign again.

hellzsupernova1794d ago

I have never bought a call of duty game. I have only ever rented them. Play through the campaign get some trophies have a bit of fun then return them.

uncharted561794d ago

So you will buy another cod game? I liked mw2 until people abused it and really liked cod:bo but after that I feel the games really lost their sight. You have people running around with snipers. More stupid killstreaks were added. Game has lost its focus, it should be more about basic gameplay first but it seems they always focus on perks, killstreaks and all that bull. Now that you make any combination of loadout it seems even worse. Then they dont have dedicated servers on consoles, and netcode is pretty horrendous and overall there is a major lack of innovation in the past 6 years. I like the levloution aspect of bf4 aka dynamic maps which should be the next big step in online gaming. Also cod games need a new engine specially in terms of physics seeing what dice is doing.

bunfighterii1794d ago

Exactly, Guitar Hero syndrome - flog it until its dead.

Still love Guitar Hero btw...

Statix1794d ago

You mean Lag Ops 2? The game with the absolute worst lag compensation I have ever experienced in a videogame? That game was nearly unplayable for me about 50-60% of the time due to the lag comp designed to give laggy players an advantage in certain gameplay situations. I've heard Ghosts is better in this regard.

Some good info:

1789d ago
mic_cala1794d ago

Good its about time people wised up to activision act of regurgitating cod games.

If activision were smart they will lay of the yearly entrys and let it rest for abit and then come bavk with something awesome.

Hype would be through the roof but if they keep up the yearly additions they will destroy watever reputation cod has left amongst gamers

SaturdayNightBeaver1794d ago

Tired but you are waiting for BO 3? lol

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DeadIIIRed1794d ago

If you own stock in ATVI, now would be a good time to walk away. I wouldn't buy into the whole, "gamers are waiting on next-gen purchases" as a valid excuse for poor sales.

ramiuk11794d ago

i feel games like COD hold back some of the decent stuff for extra DLC ,
im all for extending the life of a good game,but when your taking it away from the original game to begin with it annoys me.
alot of game companys doing it and i wont buy DLC.

i thought ghosts was ok tbh,but the maps are crap,by far the worst maps ever in a cod game.

TheLostCause1794d ago

I've got to agree with you on that one, I remember how much I loved MW and how I loved nearly every map on it and the same can be said of MW2 and to a lesser extent BO... The games since then I've hated nearly every map on it and in Ghosts case I hate EVERY map.

herbs1794d ago

Decline in sales for this annual rehash are a good thing...


Same analyst suggests that waning consumer interest in senseless repetition may spur
revival of actual innovation in games industry.
Leading redundancy expert supports claim

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