PS4 Review Part One: Video Game Console Meets Gaming PC | Forbes

Forbes - "Having spent the past month or so playing around with the Xbox One, I now turn my attention to Sony’s offering: The PlayStation 4.

Here are some first impressions.

The Box

Sony’s next-gen (current-gen?) system is an impressive piece of hardware.

The tilted design looks good, and gives it a distinctly video-gamey feel as opposed to the somewhat more generic Xbox One (I actually think the Xbox One looks just fine, but it’s a system designed to blend in with the rest of your entertainment center. The PS4 stands out.)"

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wtopez1821d ago

The PS4 is definitely a feat of engineering. The fact the it has some excellent hardware tucked inside such a small case, even having the power supply inside, makes it all the more impressive. Also makes me excited for the future of AMD in terms of its APUs. At the rate that AMD is developing tech in the PC side of things, I wonder how long it will be before laptops carry a similar APU.

neogeo1821d ago

Today they said AMD is a bad buy and AMD stock dropped. Bs I say. Mantel is not even out yet and these APU's are great.

1821d ago
colonel1791821d ago

I wonder how this review would be if the Xbox One didn't exist. I hate when reviews make comparisons of the competition. If they want to compare them, then do a separate article about it.

Is it really that hard to review something without comparing it to something else? I mean, I get the comparisons to the PS3. Those make sense, since they are talking about last model, and how it improves upon it, but what's the point in comparing it to the Xbox One?

Reviews of the games are the same. They are reviewing console 1 version, and they compare it to console 2 version. If I am reading console 1 version, is because I want to know about console 1 version, not console 2, or else I'd be reading console 2 review!

mastershredder1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I dig my PS4. I really do, but why am I playing my PS3 more than my PS4 right now? The library for the PS3 is off the hook insane, not to mention all the PSN+ freebees, but on the PS4 it's a little dry right now, at least for what I looking for.

robtion1820d ago

PS4 will be great in the future but is majorly lacking in games right now and for the next several months. I am back to playing my ps3 also. Bit disappointing really :(

InTheLab1820d ago

Consider how many games release in a single month versus how many games have been released all year for the previous gen.

Remember some of the PS2's best games arrived a year after the ps3 launched.

I was playing GoW 2 and DBZ Tenkaichi right after completing Resistance FoM and ran through Fable after beating CoD2 on the 360.

This happens every gen.

MikeGdaGod1820d ago

i don't get it...PS4 has been out for a month and i have a ton of games to play.

currently playing: Killzone, 2k14, Madden, AC:BF, BF4, DC: Universe, and Resogun. I play all the time and only finished Killzone and Resogun.

the only game on ps3 i've played since i got my ps4 is GTAV....and that was only to finish it. i haven't touch the DS3 since.

imt5581821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Quote from article :

Ultimately, for $399 I think the PS4 is a better deal than the $499 Xbox One. You don’t have the voice command stuff and the TV integration,

It's really weird that how PS4 recognize voice command WITHOUT camera