ESA Fights Gaming Studies around Violent Behavior

The Entertainment Software Association is fighting against legislation to once again have studies done on whether violent video games cause children to become violent. The ESA has been lobbying against such studies for some time now stating that the issue has been settled and, with no link established, they don’t want to continue to be blamed. Critics in favor of such bills accuse the gaming industry of trying to downplay the effects of violent video games on children, as well as contributing to recent mass shootings.

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Agent_hitman1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

In my opinion violent videogames ahould also be blame for increasing crime and violent behaviors in our society. Even if you say it is just a game, kids whos playing violent videogames imitates the bad behaviors they see on the games..

Syleros1705d ago

I have played violent videogames since age 5 starting with golden eye for the N64, which folded into fighter games, and eventually the dreadful grand theft auto which mothers around the world love to blame. my friends around me that did the same thing and myself have NEVER, had the urgers to stab, shoot, rob, and carjack anyone. As a matter of fact, violence like this has been relevant before games. world wars have been fought without the influence of video games.

JasonXE1705d ago

honestly, if you do your job as a PARENT - none of this should even matter. That's what it really just comes down to. You (not your specifically) teaching your kids what is right/wrong, real/fake.

I been playing M rated games since I could remember, being very underaged. But never once did I feel like doing something I saw in a videogame in real life. Because that, is just stupid.

Nothing else matters if you the parent do what you are supposed to do. TEACH YOUR KIDS.

KonsoruMasuta1705d ago

"Even if you say it is just a game, kids whos playing violent videogames imitates the bad behaviors they see on the games.."

Then don't let them play it?

yarbie10001705d ago

Ummmmm NO. Other countries consume more violent media than the US and they don't have the violent crime rates we do.


It's okay to have an opinion, but at least base it on some sort of fact. There are NO studies that link violence and video games. Period. Science

Somebody1705d ago

I was baby sitting my 2 year old nephew just 2 weeks ago and to keep him occupied I let him watch me play Max Payne 3. After a while he got bored and went to play with himself. When I went to check up on him I was surprised to see him taking cover behind the pillars and lying prone on the floor while firing his toy gun - imitating the mechanics of MP3 gameplay. Before this he just pointed guns and make noises. Last week he started to pretend being shot and falling back, obviously imitating another game he watched me play.

Does that mean he'll turn up into a violent psychopath? I doubt it, although granted he's only two. He's imitating those actions because that is what kids do in order to learn and grow. As he grows up he'll notice that his uncle who play violent games all the time doesn't pick up a gun and start shooting people when he's angry.

It's all about education and guiding them to know what is real/acceptable and what is not.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Gotta waste money on something than what we don't need right......

Dirtnapstor1705d ago

Video games... and movies and books and sporting events. Same old argument and scapegoat. As literature influences, so does visual media. This is true. Yet studies also show that the same chemical reactions in the body occur when kids play sports! The same type of competitive aggression manifests. There's nothing wrong with healthy competition! But there is something wrong when parents don't do their jobs as parents. Are some things and others appropriate/not appropriate? Of course. This is where the role of parenting should be applied. This is where the problem truly lies...this is where most of societies problems lie. All starts in the home.