S. Korea to Classify Video Gaming As An Addiction?

When Orion (from The Gaming Heretic) first heard this, he had to read it again to make sure it wasn’t North Korea. But it’s true: The Guardian has reported that South Korea is considering a law which would define online gaming as a “potentially antisocial addiction.” Those trying to pass the law are not even being all that subtle about it, either. Hwang Woo-yea, a member of the S. Korean Parliment, has gone on record saying “We need to create a clean Korea free from the four addictions.” They want to equate gaming with drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Orion goes on to give the story and his take.

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FRAKISTAN1553d ago

dem koreans are crazy i heard, 36+ hours gaming sessions

NarooN1552d ago

I've read stories (and seen actual pics) of dead guys in internet cafes. Either they had heart attacks or simply starved to death, something along those lines, since they're so into the game they're playing, they literally completely forget about their own self-preservation.

The creepiest one I saw was a pic of a corpse in a chair, from his posture you couldn't tell he was dead. He was dead for a day at least, and no one noticed. It wasn't until someone walked up to him to ask if he needed anything that they realized he was dead.

Shit is serious business over there...

TheGamingHeretic1551d ago

This stuff just.. makes me not know how to respond. You don't see (or rarely) see this behavior in other countries. I don't know if there is something else they need to address over there with that kind of an issue.

jahfen831552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

News Flash: Any hobby can appear to be an addiction to those on the outside looking in who do not understand the fascination of that said thing.

cell9891552d ago

it is an addiction tho, one Im happy to be addicted to

blackblades1552d ago

Seen this on taboo last night, bout some Korean chubby kid being addicted to video games and mom sent to boot camp or something. They said many people died being addicted to VG etc.

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