Xbox One console back in stock at Amazon, arrives before Christmas

Gaming Target: "The Xbox One console is back on sale at Amazon, as the online retailer is currently in stock of the once sold-out video game system for the first time since Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Xbox One costs $499 and includes free shipping before Christmas. Amazon Prime members are able to get next day delivery."

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SwiderMan1375d ago

Now if only the PS4 could bounce back within the next few days.

SpitFireAce851375d ago

Come on Sony step ur game up..Get those PS4s
Out to the Gamers wanting to pick one up.

punisher991375d ago


They actually did though. Last week PS4s was available at local gamestops, but they sold out really quick. And amazon had some also, but they sold out in 30 mins.

kneon1375d ago

The number that was going around was 12000 PS4's sold out on Amazon in 27 minutes.

OttoniBastos1375d ago

Bad luck Xone,is back on stock but people wants a PS4

SwiderMan1375d ago

They (mainly talking about parents) may just buy the console they can stick them (their family/kids) on the Xbox One side for the next few years.

joel_c171375d ago

Cant blame sony - they are pushing out as many ps4s as possible - the demand is just incredible. The difference is that every ps4 made is sold already to a customer or picked up in under an hour. I dont see the same thing happening (at least were i live) with the xbone.

SwiderMan1375d ago

Demand outstripped supply. Maybe they should've seen that coming?

BOLO1375d ago

What makes you think they didn't see it coming? What are you an "Michael Pachter" like analyst or something.

kewlkat0071375d ago

Good news for microsoft...ship\sell where demand is high...All about maximizing at this point. .last week\weekend before Xmas.

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