Do You Want To See A Lego Titan? Of Course You Do

Today on Twitter, Respawn Entertainment tweeted something very cool. So cool in fact it is being shared to all. We got Lego Lord of the Rings, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, Batman and others… now… LEGO TITANFALL.

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NatureOfLogic1587d ago

I can't wait for it too. My gaming pc is ready. Titanfall(PC) and Infamous(PS4). Really good time to be a gamer.

TheDarpaChief1587d ago

I think you ruffled a few feathers

XboxFun1587d ago

Tianfall is shaping up to be a monster hit and a system seller.

Probably the most anticipated shooter to come around in a long time. With the BF4 a buggy mess and CoD more of the "meh" same, Titanfall can seriously over take these two FPS giants.

Good job MS locking this down for the 360/X1 console.

Kyosuke_Sanada1587d ago

I hope they release Federation/Zeon skins for this game.....

kevnb1587d ago

Glad it's on pc, I won't buy an Xbox anytime soon after what happened last gen.

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